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MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Motor Driver



The MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Driver is capable of high-current driving with opto-isolation for safe, precise 3D Printing & CNC applications.

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Although the idea of controlling a 3D Printer is complex, carefully managing all of the voltages and driving currents through motors at specific rates and patterns to achieve very precise electromechanical motion, we are quite lucky to live in an age in which we don’t have to worry about all of these complexities, and we can instead buy very specialised (and very affordable) components like these MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Motor Drivers to do all of that work for us – while still enjoying awesome benefits.

These fantastic external Stepper Drivers are designed specifically with 3D Printing in mind, and are made to offer high-current driving capabilities in a safe, optically isolated way, so that you can really get the power you need from your Stepper Motors. Each driver is capable of driving a single 2-phase stepper motor at up to 4A per phase, while conveniently connecting to your 3D Printer controller board via the simple 4-pin interface: EN/DIR/CLK/GND. This means that you can not only utilise the full power of your steppers, but can even upgrade to even beefier stepper motors if you need to, opening up fantastic possibilities for building extra-large 3D Printers, or simply enjoying even more precision and torque from the classic steppers that you love.

This driver module features an onboard excitation mode selection, which is adjustable with the toggle switches on the top left, as well as a current selection trim-pot that can be adjusted to offer the ideal driving current that your motors need. Additionally, because it drives at such high current ratings, it is equipped with a very effective (and massive) heatsink as well, which helps to dissipate the heat produced, keeping the driving IC safe from unnecessary thermal damage – while also leading to higher precision with more stabilised temperature fluctuations as it operates.


MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Driver  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 9V to 40V DC                                                      

  • Input Current

– 4A

  • Driving Current

– 3.2A Typical | 4A Peak

  • Selectable Excitation Modes

– 1/1 ; 1/2 ; 1/4 ; 1/8 ; 1/16 Step

  • Weight

– 85g

  • Dimensions

– 81 x 50mm


MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Driver  -  Pin/Port Mapping:

  • -POWER+                             

– 9V to 40V DC Input

  • B+ B-

– Phase Control One for Stepping Motor

  • A+ A-

– Phase Control Two for Stepping Motor

  • EN

– Stepping Enable Signal (On/Off Mode)

  • DIR

– Step Direction Signal

  • CLK

– Step Pulse Signal

  • GND

– Step Signal Ground


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MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Motor Driver

MKS TB67S109-OC External Stepper Motor Driver