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El Wire Connection Splitter

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This handy EL Wire Connection Splitter take a single AC input and splits it into four AC Outputs, making it ideal for multi-strand EL Wire projects!

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This is a handy EL Wire Connection Splitter that is designed to split a single AC output from an EL Wire AC Inverter, into 4 simultaneous AC outputs for EL Wire, Panels and Tape. It features a very simple design which allows Makers to power up to four EL Wire strands from a single inverter, and can also be used in conjunction with sequencers, to really make your EL Wire project stand out from the rest. Additionally, this connection splitter also allows for basic EL Wire display creation and control, as you can get a chasing inverter to cycle through different facets of your display, making it animated, eye-catching, and often difficult to forget.

If you’ve enjoyed playing around with our various colours of EL Wire and EL Accessories, and now are looking to go further with your projects, then this handy connection splitter is a great choice. Just remember, however, that if you want to utilise the sequencing capabilities of this splitter, you will have to get yourself a sequencer or chasing inverter, which will be able to control the AC voltage drives to each connected EL Wire strand.

Please Note: While this EL Wire Connection Splitter can handle up to 12 meters of EL Wire without any problems at all, it’s important to remember not to overload your inverter, which will typically be capable of around 1 meter per 1V DC that it inverts.


EL Wire Connection Splitter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Inverter Connector       

– 1 x Male JST XH2.0 (2.54mm Pitch)

  • EL Wire Connector(s)

– 4 x Female JST XH2.0 (2.54mm Pitch)

  • Cable Colour

– Black

  • Weight

– ±10g

  • Cable Length

– ±40cm


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  • Once you’ve gotten the hang of using EL Wire and the cool accessories that complement it, be sure to take a look at this SparkFun Guide to Creating EL Displays, which uses the EL Escudo Dos controller to sequence EL Wire in fun, eye-catching ways.
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El Wire Connection Splitter

El Wire Connection Splitter

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