EL Wire - Blue 3m Expand

EL Wire - Blue 3m

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These 3m Lengths of Blue EL Wire are awesome for Making visually stunning projects, using extremely low power & offering impressive visual effect.

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As any avid electronics Maker will know, LED’s are a fundamental part of creating eye-catching and attention-demanding projects, no matter how big or small those projects are. However, LED’s are not always easy to work with, and can often trick newbies due to their specific resistor requirements and unique properties that vary quite drastically between colours and even between batches. Fortunately, however, LED’s are not the only light emitting toys that we Makers have available to us, and one of the awesome alternatives to LED’s is the more recent EL Wire – Flexible Electroluminescent Wire that can be flexed, bent, cut into smaller pieces, and all operated from a simple AA Battery Pocket Inverter!

These strips of EL Wire are Blue in colour and 3 meters long, but can be cut into shorter sizes depending on what your application needs. They utilise some clever layering of copper, phosphorous and insulators, and (quite uniquely) operate on AC current rather than the common DC current in Electronics. And while this may sound complex at first, it is really the only complicated part of utilising EL Wire, but with handy tools like pocket inverters, this complexity falls away quite easily. In fact, this AC current is made even easier when utilising the EL Escudo Dos EL Wire Controller as well, which allows you to interface with EL Wire via an Arduino UNO or similar type of basic MCU, which of course allows you to control multiple strips, panels and tapes as you would control LED’s or other components.

These awesome and unique features of EL Wire make it a great choice for all kinds of applications, from standard lighting all the way through to exciting EL Wire Displays. Just remember, however, that because these EL Wires and associated goodies operate on AC current, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some extra safety measures so as to prevent unexpected shocks or uncomfortable tingles. Fortunately though, despite the AC current that these EL Strips use, they do use very low power, which means that even in case of total disaster, the worst that should happen is a slight shock or tingling feeling.


Blue EL Wire Strips  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 20V to 220V AC                                                            

  • Optimal Operating Voltage

– 120V AC

  • Frequency Range

– 50 to 2000Hz

  • Optimal Operating Frequency

– 1500 to 2000Hz

  • Direct Capacitance

– 6nF/m

  • Brightness Rating (cd/m2)

– 30 to 126

  • Power Consumption (mW/m)

– 108 to 1032

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -10° to +60°C (RH<90%)

  • Estimated Operational Lifespan

– ±5000 Hours @ 100V, 400Hz

  • Weight

– ±55g

  • Dimensions

– 3mm Diameter | 3m Length


Typical Applications for these 3m Strips of Blue EL Wire:

EL Wire has certainly made big waves in Maker communities since the rise in popularity of the flexible form factor, but has actually always been a very popular choice for signage and lighting in the past – with some of the glass and ceramic phosphorous signs still being very popular as an inexpensive and visually stunning choice. However, now with the new flexible form factor that has been developed, the possibilities for using EL Wire for other applications has increased dramatically. In fact, with the introduction of these basic but awesome EL Wire Inverters, these EL Wires can now even be carried around in a portable manner, meaning that you can take your exciting EL Wire projects out into the world, to show off at festivals, add some pizazz to an outfit, or simply light up your garden when hosting a party.

Just remember, however, that we do also have many other colours to choose from in addition to this Blue EL Wire, and if you want to use multiple colours at the same time, the EL Escudo Dos Sequencer Shield is a great tool that makes using multiple EL Wires as easy as lighting up some LED’s.


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re eager to see precisely how beautiful and impressive EL Wire projects can be, this EL Wire Pinterest Page is a great place to start getting some ideas and inspiration from.
  • If you’re brand new to EL Wire and the awesome possibilities that it opens up, this extremely helpful Adafruit EL Wire Overview & Guide is ideal for learning all about the in’s and out’s of connecting and powering EL Wire products.
  • If you’re looking for even more information about EL Wire and the various accessories, this is another really handy EL Wire Getting Started Guide from SparkFun, which offers general help and details on accessories like the EL Escudo Dos controller board.
  • Once you’ve gotten the hang of using EL Wire and the cool accessories that complement it, be sure to take a look at this SparkFun Guide to Creating EL Displays, which uses the EL Escudo Dos controller to sequence EL Wire in fun, eye-catching ways.
  • Finally, if you’re eager to see precisely what’s possible with EL Wire, take a quick browse through this ELWireCraft EL Gadgets Page, which shows great examples of professionally-crafted masks, outfits, accessories and signs that can all be made with cool EL Wire goodies.


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EL Wire - Blue 3m

EL Wire - Blue 3m

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