SONOFF Single Channel ESP8266 WiFi Relay Dual Switch Expand

SONOFF Single Channel ESP8266 WiFi Relay Dual Switch

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This Single Channel Dual Switch WiFi Relay made by SONOFF is based on the ESP8266, and offers individual WiFi switching for up to two devices.

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While the thought of WiFi and home automation has always seemed expensive in the past, modern technologies like IoT Devices and integrated WiFi have made it a far more realistic and accessible option. One such interesting technology is the SONOFF Single Channel ESP8266 WiFi Relay Dual Switch, which is essentially just a standard relay, but with WiFi and app-control integrated into the circuitry. Based off of the ESP8266 wireless chip, this relay can control up to two devices individually, and can be operated via WiFi and a simple smartphone app.

Although this relay is primarily designed for easy WiFi control, it also has a host of other features like SSID and password protection, automatic server connections, device status tracking, as well on/off scheduling. All of these modern features make these relays an ideal investment if you are eager to upgrade your home with automation or WiFi capabilities, and can help you turn your house into a Home Of The Future –

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Range

– 90V to 250V AC

  • Max Current

– 10A (1 Device) / 16A (2 Devices)

  • Max Wattage

– 2200W (1 Device) / 3500W (2 Devices)

  • Enclosure Dimensions

– 114 x 52 x 32mm

  • Colour

– White

  • Humidity

– 5% to 95%

  • Wireless Frequency

– 2.4GHz

  • Operating Temperature

– -40° to 125°C


Typical Applications for the SONOFF Single Channel ESP8266 WiFi Relay Dual Switch:

The SONOFF Single Channel Dual Switch ESP8266 WiFi Relay is a fantastic little device that is perfect for beginning your adventures into home or office automation. It is capable of WiFi Communications through a smartphone app, and can even be scheduled to turn on or off at specific times. It is capable of controlling two different devices individually, and as such has a very wide range of applications.

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Sonoff have been evolving the industry of home automation and wireless control systems since as far back as 2010, and have produced numerous modules, components and devices for all types of automation and control. Their most popular products include relays and light switches, ranging from basic to advanced functionality, although they have recently moved on to develop entire systems with various control styles, scene setting, as well as timed automation – both in general as well as for specific days of the week, month or year.

One of the more recent products that they’ve developed can be controlled manually on the device or via a smart phone app, and can operate up to four devices via relays. This is ideal for both personal and industrial applications, such as controlling the kitchen wirelessly or setting up automation for a factory-setting. Another interesting addition to their range of products is a relay that operates via GPRS, which is ideal for applications that may be far from urban environments, like farms or log cabins. And with a simple SIM card, you can connect to systems like irrigation, temperature control and access controls via cell phone towers or satellite, to control them directly with your smart phone or similar handheld device.

Sonoff have been steadily working towards connecting both electrical and mechanical devices, machines and systems to the online realm for years now, and their head-start in the industry shows when you compare their products to typical, similar products available to consumers. From light switches to industrial machinery or even the blinds and curtains in an average home, everything will soon be connected wirelessly with the help of reputable brands like Sonoff.