8 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V Expand

8 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V



This 8 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250VAC can be operated by microcontroller boards like Arduino, to control up to eight individual, isolated currents.

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When handling high currents and high voltages, it’s important to put high priority on user safety, as heavy electrical loads can be very hazardous to engineers, Makers and hobbyists alike. In fact, unless you’re that one amazing man from India who is somehow immune to the harmful effects of electricity, you should ensure that user-safety is your highest priority at all times when operating or handling high-load circuits.

This is why we offer a wide range of solid state and Electromechanical Relays, like this 8 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V, which is capable of controlling up to eight separate, isolated electrical loads via almost any development platform. With a low operating voltage of 5V, this relay module can be controlled by a single Arduino or Raspberry Pi, while keeping you and your control-circuit completely safe from electrical leakage or dangerous faults.

As an additional note, it's important to realise that due to the 3.8V HIGH signal required to activate this relay, you may need to use a 3.3V to 5V IO Converter if you want to run this relay module with microcontrollers that operate on 3.3V or lower. This is relatively easy to do, however, and for all 8 relays on this module, you can simply equip the circuit with two 4-Channel Bidirectional Level Shifters - while powering these shifters with both your 3.3V input for your microcontroller, as well as the 5V input for the relay board.


8 Channel 5V Relay Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC                                                                      

  • Max Voltage (AC)

– 250V

  • Max Voltage (DC)

– 30V

  • Max Current

– 10A

  • Min Current

– 20mA (Per Relay)

  • Microcontroller Compatibility

– ArduinoRaspberry Pi

– 8051 / AVR / PIC


– MSP430 / TTL Logic

  • Status Indicator

– Red LED (Per Relay)

  • PCB Dimensions

– ±138 x 56mm


Typical Applications for the 8 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V:

What makes the 8 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP/250V such a great investment is that it allows Makers to control a wide range of different high-current devices like solenoids, electromagnets, motors and other parts – all via a single microcontroller board. As such, this relay module is often used in applications requiring multi-control, such as in 3D Printers, CNC milling machines, home automation systems and other projects with numerous Electromechanical Parts.


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