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1 Channel 5V Relay Module 16A AC

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This handy Single Channel AC Relay Module for DFRobot utilises 5V DC High Activation over TTL, making it perfect for Arduino projects and automation.

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Relays are marvellous devices that have been around for quite some time now, with the original idea being brought to life with transistors, and over time growing into their own standalone devices, now being available in both electro-mechanical and solid state forms. They allow for a wide range of different applications, such as automatic switching when signals are received or turning on high-current components while keeping specific circuitry isolated, and have recently become quite popular in Hobbyist Electronics too.

This handy little 1 Channel 5V Relay Module from DFRobot offers a relatively beefy 16A capability at up to 250V AC. It operates on the common microcontroller standard of 5V DC, and can be controlled via a simple single wire TTL interface. This is fantastic, as these specifications allow it to be easily integrated into almost any microcontroller circuit, with many different Arduino Boards being perfectly compatible, opening up awesome opportunities for home automation, remote device control and other exciting projects.

Finally, in addition to remote control and automation, these relays are built to offer complete isolation between the control circuit and the circuit being controlled. This is vital if you are operating high current devices or AC machinery that could harm users or damage other components, and these types of safety control circuits are often used in heavy-duty machinery to protect operators from dangerous high-power circuits.


1 Channel 5V Relay Module 16A AC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Relay Type

– Electromechanical                                            

  • Number of Relays/Channels

– 1

  • Control Signal

– TTL Level (HIGH/LOW)

  • Contact Type

– NC | NO | N/A | COM

  • Input Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Max Control Capacity

– 16A 250V AC

  • Coil Pick-Up Voltage

– 3.75V DC

  • Coil Drop-Out Voltage
– 0.5V DC
  • Switching Rate

– 10ms Activate | 5ms Deactivate

  • Dimensions

– 37 x 29 x 22mm


Additional Resources:

  • If you want to find out more about this module, this is the DFrobot 16A Relay Module Page, which contains some great insights and basic Arduino Code to get you started.


9MDFGDRLY16A - Datasheet

9MDFGDRLY16A - HF152FD Relay Datasheet

Download (54.04k)

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1 Channel 5V Relay Module 16A AC

1 Channel 5V Relay Module 16A AC

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