1 Channel 5V Relay Module 5A AC - Cover Expand

1 Channel 5V Relay Module 5A AC

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Connect various modules and devices to DC control circuits for home automation or remote control with this handy 1 Channel TTL capable Relay Module.

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Electronics are awesome, and are relatively safe as long as you aren’t pumping too much power through them, but sometimes Hobbyist Electronics simply aren’t enough to cool a room or boil a kettle, and in such times it’s often easier to simply integrate AC appliances or machinery into projects. However, while AC devices are typically capable of higher power ratings and inductive loads, they can’t simply be controlled directly with a DC circuit, and this is why Relay Modules are such awesome devices.

Relays like these Single Channel 5V Relay Modules are designed to act as switches, allowing DC circuitry to activate or deactivate both AC and DC circuits, with these particular models being capable of up to 5A @ 250V AC or 24V DC. This means that you can use these handy little relay modules to control devices, machinery and components with ease, by simply activating or deactivating the relay switch. These features make relay modules like these the ideal choices for home automation and smart tech’ integration into living spaces – although they’re also just as good for turning on the lounge fan, coffee machine or other devices remotely.

This relay module features the DFRobot Gravity Series PH2.0-3P Port for powering and controlling it, while on the other side of the board there are four screw terminals labelled “NC”, “NO”, “N/A” and “COM”. This is a relatively stock-standard style for relays, although the Gravity Series connector does make it very easy to use with Arduino Boards. However, if you’re not entirely sure of how relays work with their ports, it’s a good idea to brush up on this knowledge, or check out the handy DFRobot Wiki featured below the following table.


1 Channel 5V Relay Module 5A  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Relay Type

– Electromechanical                                            

  • Number of Relays/Channels

– 1

  • Control Signal

– TTL Level (HIGH/LOW)

  • Contact Type

– NC | NO | N/A | COM

  • Input Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Max Control Capacity

– 5A 250V AC

– 5A 24V DC

  • Coil Pick-Up Voltage

– 3.8V DC

  • Coil Drop-Out Voltage

– 0.5V DC

  • Switching Rate

– 10ms Activate | 5ms Deactivate

  • Included Extras

– 1 x Gravity Series 3-Pin Digital Cable

  • Dimensions

– 37 x 33mm


Additional Resources:


9MDFGDRLY5A - Datasheet

9MDFGDRLY5A - HF152FD Relay Datasheet

Download (303.45k)

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