1 Channel 5V Discrete Relay - 250VAC 5A / 30VDC 3A - Cover Expand

1 Channel 5V Discrete Relay - 250VAC 5A / 30VDC 3A



This single Channel 5V Discrete Relay can be mounted directly onto boards, offering up to 250VAC 5A & 30VDC 3A switching for various Resistive Loads.

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Relays are awesome little tools that, despite being rather simple in design, offer a wide range of different uses and benefits. To start, relays are very often used for controlling high-power circuits with low voltage control circuits, which of course helps isolate and protect any users from the high-power circuitry and potential leaks or other faults. However, here in the hobbyist world, we also like to use them as handy switches, similar to MOSFETs or Transistors, and relays allow us to use standard Microcontrollers like Arduino Boards to control various other circuits from 5V up to the max rating of the relay.

This isolation and control technique is super helpful if you are, for example, using an Arduino to control a 24V DC Fan or turn an AC appliance on and off, in which case you wouldn’t be able to use the 24V DC or AC power sources to power your Arduino. In this example, a simple 5V MCU can easily operate circuits with differing voltages, allowing you to integrate a wide range of different electronics into smart home systems or personalised projects with ease.

These relays are single Channel, offer a discrete board-mount style with 5V control, and are capable of switching up to 5A @ 250V AC 5A or 3A @ 30V DC, and these features make them a great choice for almost any Hobbyist Electronics applications you can think of. From basic on/off switching functionality to simplified integration for various boards and circuits, these Relays are inexpensive tools that are here to help you enjoy more control and safer operations in a wide range of projects.


1 Channel 5V Discrete Relay  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.                                 

– G5NB-1A-E-DC5V

  • Operating Voltage (Coil)

– 5V DC

  • Operating Current (Coil)

– 40mA

  • Max Switching Voltage

– 250V AC / 30V DC

  • Rated Load (Resistive)

– 5A @ 250V AC

– 3A @ 30V DC

  • Rated Load (Inductive)

– N/A

  • High Trigger (Activate)

– ≥3.75V DC

  • Low Trigger (Deactivate)

– ≤0.5V DC

  • Typical Response Time

– 10ms

  • Dielectric Strength

– 40000V AC (Between Coil and Contacts)

– 750V AC (Between Same Polarity Contacts)

  • Insulation Resistance

– 1000 MΩ

  • Weight

– ±4g

  • Dimensions (Excl. Pins)

– 20.5 x 15.3 x 7.2mm


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1 Channel 5V Discrete Relay - 250VAC 5A / 30VDC 3A

1 Channel 5V Discrete Relay - 250VAC 5A / 30VDC 3A