1 Channel 12V Timer Relay 10A/30V - Cover Expand

1 Channel 12V Timer Relay 10A/30V

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This Single Channel Relay Module features a built-in Timer for carefully timed or frequent switching, making it ultra-handy for many applications.

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Using relays has always been a really handy way to integrate various types of electricals and Electronics together, letting Makers mix circuits for extra safety, convenience and functionality. However, if you want to include some form of timed activation or any other kind of functionality, you typically need some kind of microcontroller or specialised timer Components to ensure it operates in the way you need it to. This is precisely what makes the 1 Channel 12V Timer Relay so great, as it features a built-in timer circuit with onboard controls and a handy 3x7-segment tube display, allowing for timed relay activations at a rate of between 2 seconds and 999 seconds.

These Relay Modules feature a 12V input control circuit, with a control capacity of up to 10A @ 30V DC or up to 10A @ 250V AC, with the Songle SRD-12VDC-SL-C relay being the primary component on the board. The module itself offers onboard display and onboard controls, allowing you to set a timer directly from the module, while simultaneously offering TTL support and MCU compatibility so you can also set it to activate or start the timer from an Arduino or similar little controller. This makes it a really handy yet relatively discrete little module that is perfect for a very wide range of useful applications, from clever kitchen automation to timed security systems and more.


1 Channel 12V Timer Relay Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Relay Type

– Electromechanical                                                   

  • Number of Relays/Channels

– 1

  • Input Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Max Control Capacity (DC)

– 10A 30V DC

  • Max Control Capacity (AC)

– 10A 250V AC

  • Control Signal

– TTL Level (HIGH/LOW)

  • Coil Pick-Up Voltage

– 9V DC

  • Coil Drop-Out Voltage

– 1.2V DC

  • Integrated Parameter Memory

– Included

  • Onboard Indicators

– 3x7-Segment Digital Tube Display

– 1 x Power LED

– 1 x Relay LED

  • Onboard Controls

– 3 x Buttons

– Up | Down | Set

  • Onboard Timer Limit

– 999 seconds / ±6.65 minutes

  • Max Switching Rate

– 2000ms / 2 seconds

  • Dimensions

– 55.8 x 33 x 12mm


Typical Applications for these 1 Channel 12V Timer Relays:

Compared to most standard Relay Modules, this 1 Channel 12V Timer Relay is specially built for carefully timed applications, and while it does offer a rather limited max time limit of 999 seconds, it is still exceptionally useful, and can be made even more useful when used alongside Arduino Boards or similar microcontrollers. With this in mind, some top projects that we imagine this to be great for include:

  • Timing for an aquarium or similar biological-based project, in which you need to aerate the water for specific time intervals, or need to keep a liquid moving for certain amounts of time at various periods throughout the day.

  • Integrating timing capabilities into bilge pump systems or similar projects that need to be maintained, typically requiring frequent operations for just a few minutes at a time.

  • Creating custom timed lighting or watering solutions, so you can simply turn them on and walk away, knowing that you never have to remember to turn them off later.

Of course, with such simple but effective functionality, we’re quite certain that you already have a few ideas of your own of how you could use this humble but awesome timed relay modules, and its usefulness is really only limited by your imagination.


9RE12VTIMER - Datasheet

9RE12VTIMER - SRD-12VDC-SL-C Relay Datasheet

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