1 Channel 24V Relay Module 30AMP - Cover Expand

1 Channel 24V Relay Module 30AMP



These single channel 24V Relays are perfect for interacting with higher voltage circuits, while keeping your control circuits both safe and isolated.

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When building electronics projects from various different Modules and components, you sometimes come across the ever-popular problem of needing to use differing voltages within the same projects, and this can present a unique set of problems given the fact that if any of the differing voltages stray or cross paths with each other, it can easily cause damage to the lower power parts in the system. This is when it’s typically a good idea to use handy tools like Electromechanical Relays, as these allow for differing voltages to interact with each in a safe, isolated and user friendly way without potentially blowing up components, and while offering users a simplified way to utilise and protect projects from higher voltages.

These 1 Channel 24V Relay Modules offer a 30AMP switching current at up to 240V AC or up to 30V DC, but are controlled with a common 24V DC coil voltage. This means that you can integrate almost any other Hobbyist Electronics into your 24V powered project without hassle, and you could even choose to mix in some AC voltages as well so that you can also switch basic home appliances and other AC goods without being too concerned about that AC escaping into your DC circuit.


1 Channel 24V Relay Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Coil Voltage

– 24V DC

  • Coil Activation Voltage

– ±18V DC

  • Coil Drop-Out Voltage

– ±2.4V DC

  • Max Current

– 30A

  • Max Switching Voltage (AC)

– 240V

  • Max Switching Voltage (DC)

– 30V

  • Output Modes

– Normally Open / Normally Closed                

  • Weight

– ±38g

  • Dimensions

– 40 x 34 x 22mm


Typical Applications for these 1 Channel 24V Relay Modules:

Of course, as experienced Electronics Makers will know, in addition to protection and isolation, relays like these are also excellent choices as simple switches in microcontroller projects and other hobbyist fun, acting almost like a transistor or MOSFET would, but operated via a simple voltage signal rather than by careful current control and saturation levels. These features all make Relays a great choice for both beginners and veterans alike, as they are easy to use via simplified VCC, GND and Signal pins, while also being rather beefy for higher power or professional projects too. This makes them a good choice for all kinds of projects from turning LEDs on to automatically switching your kettle on and off at specific times of the day, and as long as the application falls within the 240VAC or 30VDC range at up to 30A, you can enjoy the full benefits that these handy little tools have to offer.


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1 Channel 24V Relay Module 30AMP

1 Channel 24V Relay Module 30AMP