16 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP Expand

16 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP



This 16 Channel 5V 10AMP Relay Module is ideal for controlling multiple appliances or components – Compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers.

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These 16 Channel 5V 10A Relay Modules are great for safely controlling circuits ranging up to 250VAC or 30VDC and 10A, and can be operated with almost any microcontrollers like Arduino Boards or Raspberry Pi’s. This makes them highly accessible, as almost anyone can simply integrate this module into existing or new projects, with no problems regarding compatibility.

The module is equipped with optocoupler isolation and strong anti-interference capabilities, which ensures that relays are never turned on or off by mistake, or fail to turn on or off when they’re supposed to. Each channel also has a status indicator LED, to show the power and operating status of the relays. This ensures the protection of circuits and users at all times while operating high current appliances or parts and components within a machine.


16 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V

  • Operating Current (Per Channel)

– 15 - 20mA

  • Relay Voltage Max (DC)

– 30V

  • Relay Voltage Max (AC)

– 250V

  • Relay Current Max

– 10A

  • Microcontroller Compatibility

– Arduino; AVR; PIC; DSP; ARM;

– 8051; MSP430; TTL Logic


Typical Applications for the 16 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP:

While this 16 Channel Relay Module is typically capable of controlling up to 16 separate circuits simultaneously, it can also be extended with port expanders for applications requiring even more relays. Just be sure to keep the total current to 10A or lower, with at least 15 to 20mA reserved for each main channel.

Some Makers have also reported that the addition of an I2C port expander, like an MPC23107 or MPC23008, as well as an SPI bus port expander, like an MPC23S17 or MPC23S08, with a Raspberry Pi can expand the amount of Controllable Relays to 256 via the SPI bus and 256 from the I2C buses – A ridiculous total of 512 relays controlled by a single Raspberry Pi.


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16 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP

16 Channel 5V Relay Module 10AMP