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Power Supply - 12V 100W 8.5A



These 100W Power Supplies are cost-effective, reliable power sources for all kinds of light to moderate electronics, from LED Strips to 3D Printers.

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As Makers, we love building projects of all sizes, from the very tiny wearable devices to massive multi-module systems, but while a lot of our projects can typically be powered from lightweight AC Adapters and old phone chargers, sometimes the larger projects call for more powerful, dedicated power supplies to give your project the “Oomph” it needs to perform at its best. Fortunately, as time has progressed, power supplies have become far more affordable than ever before, and we can now get rather beefy PSU’s with a surprisingly high level of efficiency and reliability, allowing us to really enjoy the freedom of creating whatever our Maker hearts so desire, and that’s why we always try to stock as wide a range of Power Supply Units as possible, with this S-100-12 Power Supply being a great addition to that collection, offering up to 8.5A at the ever-common 12V, for up to 100W of pure power for your awesome projects.

Although it’s quite common to use old phone chargers and spare laptop power supplies to power up electronics projects, since a large majority of Hobbyist Electronics projects usually take advantage of relatively low-powered modules and components, we feel that this power supply is an ideal size, with up to 100W of pure power to energise a wide range of hobbyist goodies and have some power to spare after. This makes it perfect for lightweight to moderate projects ranging from simple LED Strips and lighting, all the way through to small 3D Printers and other systems, making it quite a versatile PSU to have on hand no matter what kinds of projects you prefer. So if you love to prototype and build fresh new circuits and systems in your workshop, or if you are looking to replace a faulty PSU with a relatively inexpensive yet reliable alternative, this affordable little PSU is ready to offer everything you need from a good electronics power source.


12V 100W Power Supply  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Wantai                                                          

  • Model No.

– S-100-12

  • Input Voltage (AC)

– 100V to 120V / 200V to 240V

  • Output Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Output Current

– 8.5A

  • Rated Power

– 100W

  • Efficiency

– ±5%

  • Operating Temperatures

– -10° to +50°C

  • Weight

– ±0.65kg

  • Dimensions

– 158 x 98 x 42mm


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Power Supply - 12V 100W 8.5A

Power Supply - 12V 100W 8.5A