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eSUN eSpool - Reusable Spool for ReFilament




The eSUN eSpool is a Reusable Spool that lets you enjoy ReFilament while saving money and eliminating the hassle of printing your own spools.

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As avid 3D Makers, we understand that 3D Printing is not always seen as the most environmentally friendly hobby, although fortunately for us, most of the materials that we use for 3D Printing are recyclable, and as long as we’re diligent, we can enjoy creating and 3D Making without having to worry about our environmental impact. However, even with recycling old and failed prints, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the spools themselves are not as easy to recycle as we would like, and even diligence can’t help that, but that’s why we’ve recently grown quite fond of eSUN ReFilament, as these come is tied up windings without the spool, allowing you to enjoy all of the 3D Printing you could ever want to, but without damaging the environment with unnecessary extra spools to throw away or hassle over.

Of course, as you may have suspected, these spools of ReFilament are great, but do require that users either print their own spools to be used with the windings or come up with some other kind of plan to enjoy the ReFilament without unexpected tangles and other hassles. Fortunately though, this is precisely why eSUN have also begun to supply these handy eSUN eSpools, which are Reusable Spools made specifically for ReFilament windings, to provide eco-conscious 3D Makers with the right tools to enjoy your ReFilament to the max, without worrying about unnecessary waste or potential pollution – with each spool being able to accommodate hundreds of ReFilament Windings over their lifespans.

Compared to standard spools that are held together with screws or manufactured as single units, eSUN eSpools are comprised of five parts, with two sides and three columns that sit between and hold the sides together. This allows for a relatively sturdy structure that is easy to disassemble as you switch between ReFilament Windings, ensuring that your ReFilament never gets tangled or presents other hassles as you save money, help prevent pollution, and Make all of the awesome prints that you love.


eSUN Reusable eSpool for ReFilament  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Colour

– Transparent

  • Material Composition

– Polycarbonate

  • Assembly Style

– Snap Together

  • No. of Parts

– 5  (2 x Sides / 3 x Columns)

  • Filament Windings Compatibility

eSUN ReFilament

  • Weight

– 160g

  • Dimensions

– 200mm Diameter | 73mm Width


Additional Resources:

  • If you’d like to see a visual demonstration of how to assemble and use the eSUN eSpool, check out this handy eSUN eSpool Assembly Video.

  • Alternatively, if you just want a quick rundown of the eSUN eSpool, some basic details about it, as well as instructions on how to assemble it, check out this eSUN eSpool User Manual.


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eSUN eSpool - Reusable Spool for ReFilament

eSUN eSpool - Reusable Spool for ReFilament

Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2002 in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and has rapidly become one of the leading international suppliers of 3D Printing Filament. They specialise in research, development and production of degradable polymer materials, and have grown their catalogue of filaments to include PLA, ABS, PC, PVA, and a wide range of other polymers and copolymers.

Their list of exclusive filament formulas include unique materials like wood, aluminium, bronze and other materials to create highly specialised filaments that can stretch, bend, be moulded or otherwise behave in very unique ways. Their filaments are also commonly characterised by their absolutely round shape, extremely low diameter tolerance, uniform colours and impressively stable melting points. These characteristics, in combination with their long-term insistent policy of “Best Quality, Reasonable Price” has garnered them a large share of the market, with their reputation commonly preceding them within knowledgeable online and offline 3D Printing communities.

eSUN’s popularity in the industry has also helped to produce sustainable partnerships with many internationally famous 3D Printer manufacturers and distributors, with DIYElectronics having sole distributorship rights to provide their 3D Printing Filaments to South Africa and neighbouring African countries.