60mm 12V DC Axial Fan Expand

60mm 12V DC Axial Fan - Ultra Thin



This 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan is an ultra-low power consumption, ultra-thin fan with reasonably impressive air flow and cooling capabilities.

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Although many people may not realise it, the world of Cooling Fans is much larger than many people would expect, with an extremely wide range of different fans that all cater to different applications and each offer unique benefits according to their style, size and power ratings. Some are built to accommodate a diverse range of cooling applications, while others are designed for specific tasks like pushing air down a channel or to a particular point.

This 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan, for example, is designed for low-power consumption and efficient space utilisation, with reasonably high air flow ratings at a lower speed to most others. This is in part thanks to the “VAPO Bearing” MagLev system, which uses air to avoid friction and, in turn, reduce the overall noise that it produces. It is ideal for applications in which free space is limited but you still need reliable active cooling, and it offers a common 12V DC input and low 54mA current rating.


60mm 12V DC Axial Fan  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Fan Type

– Axial / MagLev

  • Bearing Type

– “Vapo Bearing”

  • Curve

– 3

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Operating Current

– 54mA

  • Power Consumption

– 0.65W

  • Weight

– 29g

  • Dimensions

– 60 x 60 x 10mm


Typical Applications for these 60mm 12V DC Axial Fans:

The common 12V DC operating voltage and low 0.65W power consumption makes this 60mm 12V DC Axial Fan perfect for small to medium Electronics projects, as it is capable of fitting snugly within small enclosures, while drawing minimal power and offering effective localised cooling. This makes it perfect for applications like Power Supplies, stepper driver control boards, as well as many other Miscellaneous Electronics that tend to produce high temperatures when in operation.


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60mm 12V DC Axial Fan - Ultra Thin

60mm 12V DC Axial Fan - Ultra Thin