New 40mm 5V DC Fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano - PWM Controllable - Cover Expand

40mm 5V DC Fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano - PWM Controllable

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This tiny but relatively powerful 4020 5V DC Fan is stocked for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, to offer PWM Controllable Cooling for Intense Processing.

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When taking a glance at the impressive characteristics and capabilities of the awesome NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI Development Board, it’s easy to see that, if positioned in the wrong type of environment, this powerful board is certainly going to need some cooling. And despite the massive heatsink that comes preinstalled on the Jetson Nano, when you want to turn the AI Processing up to 11, you may need some extra cooling to prevent any forms of throttling or potential heat problems.

Fortunately, at DIYElectronics we love to push our Electronics to the extreme, and as such, we understand just how important a reliable (and speed-controllable) cooling fan can be for intense processing applications, and this is what gets us excited about this 40mm 5V DC Fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, which is conveniently PWM Controllable and can simply be mounted directly onto the top of the huge heatsink, and plugged in via the dedicated fan pins on the top of the Jetson Nano carrier board.

So if you’re looking for effective cooling that not only keeps your electronics from throttling or becoming damaged, and offers more control than the variety of Cooling Fans that we already stock, this awesome NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4020 PWM Fan is the perfect tool for the job. Simply mount it, plug it in, install the code mentioned below, and get up and running in one of the “coolest” ways possible.

Please Note: In order to utilise the PWM control, you will need to use the code featured on the Waveshare Wiki Page featured in the Additional Resources Section below.


40mm 5V PWM Fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer


  • Model No.

– Fan-4020-PWM-5V

  • Fan Type

– Brushless Axial Fan

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Intended Development Board

NVIDIA Jetson Nano

  • Connection Style

– 4-Pin Keyed Connector

  • Weight

– 35g

  • Dimensions

– 40 x 40 x 20mm


Additional Resources:

  • Although this fan is very similar to the other 5V 4010 Fan for Jetson Nano that we stock, it does feature PWM control, and as such, you will need to visit this Waveshare 4020 PWM Fan Wiki Page to find the code required for PWM control via the NVIDIA Jetson Nano.


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40mm 5V DC Fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano - PWM Controllable

40mm 5V DC Fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano - PWM Controllable

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