25mm 12V DC Fan Expand

25mm 12V DC Axial Fan



These 25mm 12V DC Fans are ideal for cooling particular parts within machines or systems, such as extruders in 3D printers or stepper motor drivers.

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This compact little 25mm 12V DC Fan is perfect for applications in which cooling is required but space is limited. Its small form factor allows it to provide effective cooling for particular parts or Electronics Components within a machine, without affecting the surrounding environment too much. This small sleeve bearing fan has a strong airflow rating of about 2.5CFM with an air speed of 1.4m/s. This provides just enough cooling to keep parts from melting or exploding, without cooling the surroundings or nearby parts.

This type of cooling is vital for applications such as 3D Printing, in which an extruder’s temperature needs to be maintained within a heated chamber. In such a case, large Cooling Fans would cool the entire chamber, possibly causing the filament to cool too quickly, whilst having no fan could cause extruder leakage. These scenarios are where this tiny fan shines, and shows its true value despite its low price.


25mm 12V DC Axial Fan  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Bearing Type

– Sleeve

  • Noise Rating

– 26 ±10%dBA

  • Airflow Rating

– 2 - 2.5CFM

  • Air Speed

– 1.4m/s

  • Rated Speed

– 11000 ±10%RPM

  • Connector

– 2Pin

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Operating Current

– 0.08A

  • Cable Length

– 15mm

  • Dimensions

– 25 ×25 × 10mm

  • Weight

– 7g


Typical Applications for 25mm 12V DC Axial Fans:

While these 25mm 12V DC Fans are primarily used in 3D printing for cooling Extruders, they can be used in a variety of other machines with similar needs. Other examples include within tight spaces or compact enclosures, in which particular parts like Stepper Motor Drivers get very hot but space is critically limited.


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