Nozzle Cleaner - 0.15mm Expand

Nozzle Cleaner - 0.15mm



This little 0.15mm Nozzle Cleaner is a lightweight but durable needle for clearing out 3D Printer nozzle clogs – Ideal for 0.2mm to 0.5mm nozzles.

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This little 0.15mm Nozzle Cleaner is a vital tool for any 3D Printing enthusiast’s toolbox, as it allows for easy and effective unclogging of 3D Printer Nozzles with a low risk of causing any damage to the nozzle extrusion channel. It is also designed with high durability and low weight in mind, so that it is both easy to manoeuvre as well as durable. This helps to ensure that it never snaps during the unclogging process, which could cause damage to the nozzle or render it completely useless if a tiny piece gets stuck inside.

As an extra tip, before attempting to clean the nozzle with this 0.15mm bit, heat up the nozzle to the relevant temperature in order to melt the filament clogged inside the nozzle, this will make the filament more malleable. After it’s heated up, it will be far easier to clean out, and the nozzle cleaner should be able to push out the clogged plastics with relative ease. Just be sure to use caution, however, as the end of the nozzle cleaner is quite sharp, and could certainly cause damage to both you and the nozzle if wielded recklessly.


0.15mm Nozzle Cleaner  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Bit/Prodder Size

– 0.15mm                                             

  • Nozzle Compatibility

– 0.2mm


Typical Applications for these 0.15mm Nozzle Cleaners:

The 0.15mm Nozzle Cleaner is stocked to clean out clogs from 0.2mm 3D printer nozzles, and is both more durable and easier to use than PCB Drills or similar alternatives. The high durability ensures that it has less chance of breaking during the unclogging process, and the easy-grip handle helps to make it easier to wield as well. These are important factors when unclogging nozzles with such small diameters, as they can be easily damaged, which of course reduces the overall quality of the nozzles and in turn the overall printing quality of 3D Printers.


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