Prusa i3 Y Bed Only For 250x270mm bed Expand

Prusa i3 Y-Carriage for XL 250x270mm Bed

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This rugged Prusa i3 Y-Carriage is made to for the XL 250x270mm Bed, and is manufactured from laser cut aluminium for high strength and low weight.

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As a proud owner of a DIYElectronics Prusa i3, or as a smart consumer looking to build a truly impressive custom 3D Printer rather than going with an “Assemble-and-Print” kit, you will already know that only a handful of 3D Printers can quite compare to the print quality and repeatability of the Prusa i3. And while there are certainly a lot of kit-format printers available nowadays that can compete in regards to the easy-printing 3D Filaments like PLA, there are no other models on the market that can handle ABS and other advanced materials at such a low price – while also offering the benefit of being very customisable once built.

This is why we will never stop stocking handy replacement parts like this Prusa i3 Y-Carriage for XL 250x270mm Bed, which is the vital part that couples the printing platform (or heated bed) to the belt and motor for Y-axis (forward and backward) motion on the 3D Printer. It is designed to the exact same specification as the original XL Bed Carriage, and is made from laser cut aluminium for both high strength as well as low weight. This makes it a great DIY-Original Replacement Part for when you need to repair your Prusa i3, but also a potentially awesome Prusa i3 Upgrade if you are still using the original smaller bed.

Additionally, if you are still running the small bed from the original design, you may also be interested in the entire Prusa i3 XL Build Volume Upgrade Kit, which has also been designed in-house to expand on the Prusa i3 Bed size, and includes this Prusa i3 XL-Format Y-Carriage alongside a heated bed and other parts.


Prusa i3 Y-Carriage for XL 250x270mm Bed  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer                           

– DIYElectronics In-House

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

DIYElectronics Prusa i3

– Other Custom Designs

  • Heatbed Size Compatibility

250 x 270mm Heated Bed

250 x 270mm Aluminium Bed (Non Heated)

  • Material Composition

– Aluminium: Laser Cut

  • Thickness

– 6mm


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Prusa i3 Y-Carriage for XL 250x270mm Bed

Prusa i3 Y-Carriage for XL 250x270mm Bed

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