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MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module - CO, LPG & Methane

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The MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module is essential when working with combustible gases, with fast and effective CO, LPG and Methane gas detection capabilities.

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The MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module is an environmental sensor designed to detect the presence of combustible gases with a fast response time. It is built onto a breakout board for easily integrating the sensor into a circuit, with an operating voltage of 5V that is convenient for standard light-weight Electronics projects. The sensor uses the conductivity of the material SnO2 (Tin Oxide) within the netted dome to identify whether CO and combustible gases are present, with various levels of conductivity being translated to corresponding levels of gas saturation in the surrounding air.

Although this sensor module is relatively inexpensive, it offers an extremely fast response time and highly sensitive detection ratings, capable of identifying CO at 10 per 1000 parts per million (ppm) and combustible gases at 100 per 10,000ppm. The sensor unit is housed within a Bakelite encapsulation with a blended plastic and stainless steel net over the top, which prevents direct contact with liquids while allowing for gases to flow freely over the SnO2. These features, in conjunction with the long lifespan of materials used to build the Gas Sensor, make it an excellent investment for anyone who might be concerned with the saturation levels of dangerous gases within a home, workplace or even factory environment.


MQ-9 CO, LPG & Methane Gas Sensor Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Gas Sensing Material

– SnO2                                                                                     

  • Gas Sensitivity

– CO / LPG / CH4

  • Max Voltage

– 5V                                                                               

  • Heating Voltage (High)

– 5V

  • Heating Voltage (Low)

– 1.5V

  • Heating Cycle Time (High)

– 60s ±1s

  • Heating Cycle Time (Low)

– 90s ±1s

  • Concentration Detection (CO)

– 10 to 1,000ppm

  • Concentration Detection (LPG/CH4)

– 100 to 10,000ppm


Typical Applications for the MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module:

The MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module is a valuable investment if you need to be able to sense the levels of CO and combustible gases in an environment, as it provides an early warning for dangerously high saturation levels. It is designed to detect dangerous levels within a minute and half at most, and can be connected to almost any circuit – allowing it to be used for safety automation or as a visual or audible alarm.

The module has also been designed in Breakout Board style, with easy pins to simply connect to with a control board like an Arduino. So whether you want to connect this sensor up to an audible alarm, an automated reaction system or even to the internet in order to alert you via mobile or internet messaging services, this MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module is a good quality yet inexpensive solution.


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MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module - CO, LPG & Methane

MQ-9 Gas Sensor Module - CO, LPG & Methane