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MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module - LPG, Propane, Hydrogen & Methane

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This little MQ-2 Methane Gas Sensor module detects a wide range of potentially dangerous gases, with onboard potentiometer for adjusting sensitivity.

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Although many people typically associate gas sensors with industrial use and dangerous applications, there are many situations in which gas and other Environment Sensors can be used for hobbyist and personal applications too. In fact, everyone could benefit from being able to measure the particles in the air around them to identify just how healthy their working or living environments are, which is why we stock these little MQ-2 Methane Gas Sensor Modules.

These gas sensors are designed in modular form, with the sensor unit preinstalled onto a Breakout Board. This makes them simple to operate, and they even include an onboard potentiometer that you can use to adjust the sensitivity as well. It is calibrated to sense a wide range of gases, including LPG, Propane, i-Butane, Alcohol, Hydrogen and smoke from burning Electronic Components, all of which can be very dangerous if the gases build up and saturate the air.

For more details on how accurate this sensor is, as well as how sensitive this sensor is to specific gases, take a look at this simple but insightful MQ2 Gas Sensor Guide.


MQ-2 Combustible Gas Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model Number

– MQ-2                                                                       

  • Sensor Type

– Semiconductor

  • Gas Detection Type

– Combustible

  • Concentration Sensitivity

– 300 to 10000ppm

  • Loop Voltage

– ≤24V DC

  • Heater Voltage

– 5V DC or AC

  • Ideal Operating Temperature

– ±20°C

  • Ideal Operating Humidity

– ±65%


Typical Applications for the MQ-2 Combustible Gas Sensor:

With air quality being quite an important factor in regards to personal health, these MQ-2 Methane Gas Sensors are great for applications in almost any indoor environment from workshops to living rooms. They help to prevent unnecessary and unexpected health and lung-related problems, and helps you ensure that the saturation of a particular particle never reaches a dangerous level. This can prevent both health problems as well as even more dangerous situations like fires or explosions, and ensure that you can continue working on your fun, important or dangerous projects without having to worry about nearly-untraceable threats like Methane or Butane.


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MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module - LPG, Propane, Hydrogen & Methane

MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module - LPG, Propane, Hydrogen & Methane