UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead with 20cm Pigtail - Cover Expand

UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead with 20cm Pigtail

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The UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead offers high-quality low-loss signal transmission, with easy compatibility with popular communications interfaces.

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As hobbyists and prototypers in the world of Electronics, we know that there are lots of different types of connectors and ways to connect components and modules together, and most of these are relatively relaxed when it comes to maintaining a high quality connection for power and particularly data transfer. However, when you start moving into proper Communications standards, the quality of data and signal connections start becoming increasingly important, and this is why there is quite a range of specialised connectors designed specifically for high-quality, low-loss data and signal transmission.

This is why we are always on the lookout for handy adapters and connectors like these UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead Cables, which are designed to help connect different high-quality low-loss port interfaces together in a clean and noise-resistant way. This lets you really take advantage of high quality data and signal transmission even if your Modules and parts utilise different physical interfaces, making them invaluable tools for anyone who loves experimenting with Radio, playing with RC, or just Prototyping various fun or useful electronics projects.


UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead with 20cm Pigtail  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier

Pi Supply

  • Connector 1


  • Connector 1 Gender  

– Female Body | Female Centre Pin 

  • Connector 1 Plating

– Gold Plated

  • Connector 2

– N-Type Bulkhead

  • Connector 2 Gender

– Male Thread | Female Centre Pin

  • Connector 2 Plating

– Nickel Plated

  • Pigtail Length

– 20cm

  • Cable Type

– RG178

  • Impedance

– 50Ω

  • Frequency Max Rate

– 6GHz

  • Insertion Loss

– <2.5dB


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UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead with 20cm Pigtail

UFL/IPEX to N-Type Bulkhead with 20cm Pigtail

Pi Supply is a fantastic brand that truly personifies the open-source movement. Having been founded by a single individual with a passion for electronics and audio, and growing into a world-recognised brand that now supplies specialised expansion boards to a global community, the humble hobbyist beginnings of Pi Supply began with the simple need for a convenient power-switch for a Raspberry Pi board stored under a bed.

Since their humble beginnings, Pi Supply have grown to be a full team of passionate Makers who truly live up to the name of “The Maker Emporium”, with over 7 different product ranges launched over Kickstarter, and a growing catalogue of over 800 items now available – all with fantastic after-sales support, which is something that we consider to be extremely valuable.