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The UART GPS Module, NEO-7M-C is a low-cost high-efficiency GPS module with GLONASS compatibility and a backup battery for ephemeral data.

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Tracking the locations of people, objects or large assets like vehicles can often be fun, especially if you are doing it just as a personal interest. There are also times, however, in which tracking locations can be necessary, or even vital to the success of an operation. This is why the UART GPS Module, NEO-7M-C is such a valuable little GPS Module, as it offers a whole host of tracking features and complex onboard components that work beautifully together to produce a high-quality tracking and GPS Communications module.

The module comes fully equipped with all of the necessary components, with a high-gain onboard NEO-7M-C antenna ready to pull those elusive GPS signals right from the air. It can be used with a variety of different MCU’s like Arduino Boards or similar development platforms, with convenient horizontally-placed pins so the module can be kept out of the way of other components. These features all work together to create a module that is not only easy to integrate and utilise in projects, but also very versatile with the ability to be used in a wide range of different applications.

And if that wasn’t enough, this module even features an additional backup battery to keep track of the ephemeral data even when powering down. This ensures that your location tracking data will never be compromised by low battery power, while also keeping a few background processes running to enable 1 second hot-starts.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 2.7V to 5V DC

  • Operating Current

– 35mA

  • TTL Level

– 3.3V/5V Compatible

  • Receiving Channels

– 56

  • Receiver Type

– GPS L1(1575.42Mhz) C/A code, SBAS:WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS

  • Baud Rate

– 9600 Only

  • TXD/RXD Impedance

– 510Ω

  • Onboard Antenna

– NEO-7M-C High-Gain Active Antenna

  • Antenna Port

– IPX Interface for Various Antennae

  • Communication Protocol

– NMEA (Default) / UBX Binary

  • GLONASS Compatibility

– Yes

  • Tracking Sensitivity

– -162dBm

  • Acquisition Sensitivity (Cold)

– -148dBm

  • Navigation Update Rate

– 5Hz (Max)

  • Startup Time

– 27s Cold Start / 1s Hot Start

  • Oscillator


  • 5-Pin Custom Jumper Wire

– Included


Pin Connections (With MCU):

  • VCC

– Connects to 3.3V/5V Supply

  • GND

– Connects to GND

  • TXD

– Connects to MCU.RX

  • RXD

– Connects to MCU.TX

  • PPS

– Connects to MCU.IO / Timepulse Output (Optional)


Typical Applications for the UART GPS Module, NEO-7M-C:

The UART GPS Module, NEO-7M-C is the ideal high-quality low-cost GPs module for almost any project that needs GPs tracking capabilities. It is compatible with the GLONASS system, meaning it’s particularly accurate in the far North and South of the equator, with lower power consumption as an extra benefit.

Whether you want to add GPS tracking to your vehicle, give your pet a little GPs tracking collar, or want to send your drone out into the world and operate it via GPS and FPV view, this module is more than capable of catering to your GPS communication needs.

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