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Justworx Global IoT SIM Cards offer specialised long-term data plans just for IoT projects, offering great value for an incredibly low once-off price.

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As enthusiasts of all things Electronics, we have to admit that we love playing and experimenting with IoT, and while it doesn’t have quite the incredible popularity that was suggested just a few years ago, we are certainly seeing a lot of potential still to come from this area. However, because a lot of current IoT works on Cellular and GSM networks, you may have also run into the annoying problem of having to play according to the specific rules set by protocol maintainers and service operators. Fortunately though, as IoT has been advancing, so too have the companies involved in IoT, and one particular company that we’ve taken notice of is Justworx, with their specialised range of SIM cards that are laser-focused toward IoT, rather than standard GSM and Cellular activity.

Justworx is a relatively funky and fresh brand that offers specialised SIM cards that don’t do what normal SIM cards do, but instead focus only on IoT and SMS functionality. This unique proposition translates to a number of awesome benefits, with these including lower overall costs for IoT developers, more streamlined and integrated functionality with Internet of Things environments, as well as network-agnostic style of connecting for more reliable network handling. These, despite sounding rather simple at first, are really quite incredible benefits, and if you enjoy experimenting with IoT like we do, then you will be able to understand just how much better this is than standard SIM cards.

Justworx IoT SIM Cards offer a surprising level of compatibility and support throughout the globe, with support for a wide and diverse range of service providers throughout the globe, including both MTN and Vodacom here in South Africa. They are designed to be non-steering, which means that they are willing to accept and utilise whatever network is strongest near its location, and this actually means that you could take your projects around the world without much problem, connecting to whatever nearest, strongest supported networks are available – all while avoiding roaming costs and other unnecessary expenses due to the IoT-specific functionality.

Of course, the cool benefits that Justworx IoT SIM Cards offer is only really possible due to their specialised limitations, and this means that you shouldn’t expect to be able to make phone calls or surf the internet from one of these SIM cards. However, that is certainly not a problem at all in contrast to the awesome benefits, and the ability to pay a relatively inexpensive once-off payment for up to 30 years of data for IoT projects is truly an unbeatable offer that we don’t see any competitors even coming close to a while.

Please Note: These Justworx SIM Cards will need to be activated once you have purchased the card and the Data Plan you need. To activate your SIM, simply head over to this Justworx SIM Activation Page, follow the simple instructions listed there, and then wait for up to 60 minutes for your card to kick into action.


Justworx GSM Global IoT SIM Card  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Service Provider

– Justworx

  • SIM Card Format

– Full Size with Micro + Nano Push Outs           

  • Network Selection Handling

– Non-Steering (Multi-Network)

  • Optional Data Plans

– Data4Life

– Micro 30

– Micro 50

– Micro 100

  • No. of Countries Supported

– 105 (Coverage List)

  • No. of Networks Supported

– 230 (Coverage List)

  • Optional Top-Up

– Available on All Data Plans

  • SMS Functionality

– Supported

  • Top-Up Rollover Validity

– 12 Months

  • SIM Activation Page

Justworx SIM Activation

  • Justworx Home Mobile App

Justworx Home for Android


Justworx GSM Global IoT SIM Card  -  Data Plan Details:



Micro 30

Micro 50

Micro 100

  • Monthly MB Allocation

– 10MB

– 30MB

– 50MB

– 100MB

  • Contract Period / Term (Years)

– 30

– 5

– 3

– 2

  • Total Data for Term

– 3.6GB

– 1.8GB

– 1.8GB

– 2.4GB

  • Max Data Usage Per Month

– 150MB

– 180MB

– 300MB

– 600MB

  • Max Data Usage Per Year

– 300MB

– 360MB

– 600MB

– 1.2GB

  • Max Top-Up Per Month

– 190MB

– 170MB

– 150MB

– 100MB


Typical Applications for Justworx GSM Global IoT SIM Cards:

The Justworx GSM Global IoT SIM Card is a specialised “Data4Life” SIM that features offers low data long term plans specifically catering to IoT Development, deployment and management, and while it may not allow you to surf the web or make phone calls, it will allow all of your M2M and IoT devices to enjoy a constant, reliable connection at all times. This cool bandwidth delivery method is then complemented with a beautiful and highly functional “Backend-in-a-Box” User Interface that makes managing IoT devices as easy as humanly possible, offering a code-free way of programming all of the devices in your fleet, while also allowing for handy features like strict access control, advanced scheduling, user permission management, as well as onboarding and end-user services that can be customised to suit your brand, your business, or your personal operations.


Additional Resources:

  • Although Justworx has been proven to work with both MTN and Vodacom here in South Africa, if you want to see a full list of countries and networks that are supported by Justworx IoT SIM Cards, check out the Official Justworx Coverage List.

  • If you want to find out more about precisely what Data Plans Justworx offers, as well as the fine details behind each of them, this handy Justworx Data Plans Page offers great insights and extra information on each specialised package.

  • Finally, if you want to really take advantage of the full features of these SIM Cards, be sure to check out and download the specialised Justworx Front End User Interface App for Android, which is designed to make your life as an IoT developer and fleet manager as easy as possible.


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Justworx GSM Global IoT SIM Card - Data4Life

Justworx GSM Global IoT SIM Card - Data4Life