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The RPi Relay Board HAT plugs directly onto the top of a Raspberry Pi board to add safety, remote access or automation via three on-board isolated relays.

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The RPi Relay Board HAT is an expansion board made for automation and convenience, and is designed to fit Raspberry Pi Boards to allow for isolated operations of electrical circuits. It uses HLS8L relays to offer control over three different circuits, either for operating Electronics from a distance or for safely operating high voltages and currents.

In conjunction with a Raspberry Pi board, this Pi HAT can connect to the internet, use local WiFi, or even be connected to a timer or alarm so that you can automate projects, activate or deactivate them via an online portal, or protect yourself from high currents and voltages when dealing with high power circuitry. It mounts onto the top of a Raspberry Pi, with 40 pins that plug directly into the board, with a clean layout that makes it easy to understand and identify how each components works together.

For even more information on this great Raspberry Pi HAT, visit the Wiki Page to find libraries, basic instructions, as well as other insights into how this board can be operated.


RPi Relay Board HAT  -  Technical Specifications (HAT):

  • Number of Relays

– 3

  • Isolation Technique
– Individual Photo Couplers (PC817)
  • Status Indicators

– 4 x Onboard LED’s (3 x Relay Status + 1 x Power)

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility         

– Raspberry Pi 4B | 3B+ | 3B | 2B

– Raspberry Pi Zero W | Zero | Zero WH

– Raspberry Pi Boards with 40 GPIO Headers


RPi Relay Board HAT  -  Technical Specifications (Relays):

  • Model Number


  • Contact Form

– 1C

  • Contact Material

– AgSnO2

  • Contact Rating

– 10A @ 120VAC/25VDC : 7A @ 240VAC             

  • Max Switching Voltage

– 250V AC / 30V DC

  • Max Switching Current

– 15A

  • Life Expectancy (Rated Load)

– 100,000

  • Life Expectancy (No Load)

– 10,000,000

  • Insulation Resistance

– 100MΩ min @ 500VDC

  • Operation Time

– 10ms

  • Release Time

– 5ms


Typical Applications for the RPi Relay Board HAT:

The RPi Relay Board HAT is a truly diverse product, capable of controlling almost any Electronics Component or circuit up to 250V AC or 30V DC. Not only does it offer isolation from potentially dangerous voltages and currents, but it also allows for remote control via WiFi, internet connectivity, larger control interfaces, or even in response to automated systems and signals. As such, it is a valuable investment since it can be used for so many different applications.

Whether you want to protect users from high voltages and currents in large machines, integrate remote control into your kettle or dishwasher, or want to build these relays into an existing home automation system, this Raspberry Pi Relay HAT offers top quality at an affordable price.


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RPi Relay Board HAT

RPi Relay Board HAT

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