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Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi - 16 Channel, 12-bit, I2C

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This Servo Driver HAT greatly expands servo driving capabilities for Raspberry Pi projects, featuring 16 12-bit PWM Channels and an I2C interface.

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Although the old Jurassic Park, Alien and other mechatronics-based movies of the past made it look easy, many of us Electronics Makers will know that driving a motor is no simple task, and requires a lot of careful planning and forethought to ensure that all of the motors have the necessary power, resolution and other capabilities to behave perfectly – without jittering or grinding to a halt unexpected.

This is why we know you’ll certainly be able to appreciate the addition of this Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi to our catalogue, which features 16 Channels at 12-bit resolution with PWM capabilities and an I2C interface, to help you wrangle those servo motors and bring your project to life – with smooth and seamless motion, as well as perfect accuracy for whatever tasks you need them to handle.

This servo driver HAT, despite offering an incredible amount of extra functionality for Raspberry Pi projects, is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with a simple 2 pin I2C interface for controlling all of the motors in serial. This means you don’t even have to keep a whole bunch of pins spare if you’re planning on using this HAT, and you can simply reserve two pins for all of your servo motor applications – even offering the possibility to power them separately from the Raspberry Pi Boards so as to eliminate any potential problems with power supply to the motors.


Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Servo Driver IC

– PCA9685

  • Control Interface

– I2C

  • Input Voltage (Pi Connector)   

– 5V DC

  • Input Voltage (VIN Terminal)

– 6V to 12V DC

  • Servo Voltage

– 5V

  • Logic Voltage

– 3.3V

  • Onboard Regulator

– 5V @ 3A Max

  • Number of Servos Supported       

– 16

  • Types of Servos Supported

SG90 / MG90S / MG996R / Other Common Servos

  • Servo Driving Resolution

– 12-bit

  • PWM Support

– Yes, All 16 Channels

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

– Raspberry Pi 4B | 3B+ | 3B | 2B

– Raspberry Pi Zero W | Zero | Zero WH

– Raspberry Pi Boards with 40 GPIO Headers

  • Dimensions

– 65 x 30mm


Typical Applications for the 16 Channel 12-bit Servo Driver Pi HAT:

The Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi, with 16 Channels of 12-bit resolution output, is the ideal expansion module for when you need to drive a lot of Servo Motors effectively, and without any strange or jittery movements that would otherwise reduce accuracy and effectiveness. Great examples of projects that need this kind of capabilities include robotics like the infamous HexaPod walker, which of course needs two motors per leg (totalling 16 servo motors) in order to actually emulate the creepy and crawly walking style of spiders and other 8-legged arachnids.

However, even though these Pi HATs are amazing for these types of applications, they are not necessarily confined to just Robotics projects, and could just as easily be used for unique arcade games, stock systems in small stores, or for any number of other projects yet to be dreamed into existence. So get out there and start thinking of how you would like to use up to 16 servo motors, simultaneously or individually, to create a unique project that


Additional Resources:

  • Official Servo Driver HAT Wiki page, featuring the user manual, schematics, software downloads and more insights and details for the expansion module.


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Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi - 16 Channel, 12-bit, I2C

Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi - 16 Channel, 12-bit, I2C

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