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Power Over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi & 802.3af

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This impressive Power Over Ethernet HAT is designed for Raspberry Pi and features 802.3af compliance for power and data delivery at up to 100 meters.

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Although the world of networking is quite complex, anyone who has ever installed network cables of watched a network setup in process will understand just how functional and versatile Ethernet can be. It’s not only capable of high data transmissions for all of our favourite video, image and audio related internet activities, but can also do so at an incredibly long distance of up to 100 meters! This in itself is already beneficial enough to be used in almost all commonplace networking, and now with the growing popularity of Power-Over-Ethernet, it’s becoming even more functional, and even more valuable in many different industries, professions and hobbies.

This handy Power Over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi & 802.3af is designed to take advantage of the awesome built-in benefits of Ethernet, and is specially designed to accommodate power delivery over the ethernet cable and port. This is far more valuable as it may seem from the outset, as this allows you to install your Raspberry Pi projects in almost any location where ethernet can reach, extending up to 100 meters from the router or power source, and requiring only one cable to handle everything from data transmission to control signals and now power as well.

Please Note: When utilising this Raspberry Pi PoE HAT, it’s important to ensure that you have the right 802.3af-compliant power sourcing equipment in order to ensure optimal operations.


Raspberry Pi Power Over Ethernet HAT  -  Technical Specifications:

  • PoE Input Voltage

– 37V to 57V DC

  • PoE Output Voltage

– 5V DC @ 2.5A

  • Network Standard Support 

– 802.3af PoE

  • Onboard OLED Size

– 0.91”

  • OLED Resolution

– 128x32

  • OLED Driver

– SSD1306

  • OLED Display Colours

– White on Black

  • Key Features

– Programmable Control with Auto Function 

– Real-Time Information HUD

– Fully Isolated Switched-Mode PSU

– Integrated PCF8574 IO Expander

– 40 Pin GPIO for More Pi HAT Expansions

  • Raspberry Pi Compatibility

Raspberry Pi 3B+

– Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB / 4GB / 8GB)

  • Weight

– 52g

  • Dimensions

– 56.5 x 65mm


Typical Applications for this Raspberry Pi Power Over Ethernet HAT:

While a lot of people may not immediately be able to see the benefits of Power Over Ethernet, it’s important t note that the key benefit is in the power delivery, as it’s not always easy to simply find a nearby plug point if you’re installing your next project in a barn or other semi-outdoor area. With these awesome Pi HATs, however, you can power it from your home, but operate your project far out in the wild, whether on a farm, a corner of the backyard or pretty much anywhere else from the dining room cupboard to the roof of your house. This, while being quite circumstantial in its benefits, is invaluable given the right situation, and we are more than ready to welcome it with open arms for many of the Hobbyist Electronics projects that we love building.


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When it comes to producing unique electronics components and modules, there are very few brands that can provide the quality that Waveshare can. Based in the Futian District in Shenzhen, China, Waveshare are experts in developing electronics to a high standard of quality, which have been thoroughly tested to work seamlessly with corresponding development platforms and systems – such as the E-Ink HATs for Raspberry Pi’s.

What we love most about Waveshare is how they are dedicated to providing quality products, and have moved away from the typical “Made in China” stigma – cheap products with cheap parts and components. Instead, Waveshare understand the value of supplying quality products and building sustainable relationships with international resellers and distributors. They know that consistent quality will result in consistent business, and as such they always ensure strict quality control for each and every product that comes out of the manufacturing plant.

We are always excited to peruse through their vast catalogue of exciting new products to find unique modules, components or even entire development boards that are designed with quality in mind. Because we know that every cent that we spend with Waveshare will be well-spent, with each product that order adding real value to our own catalogue of products.