40 Pin Wide Base DIP IC Socket - Cover Expand

40 Pin Wide Base DIP IC Socket



A handy 40 Pin DIP IC Socket in wide format with 2.54mm spacing, for microcontroller chips like the popular ATmega328 and Z80 Intel 8051.

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These awesome little 40 Pin Wide DIP IC Sockets are perfect for electronics Makers who like to take their hobbies seriously, going beyond the simplified pre-built boards like the ever-popular Arduino UNO, and building circuits from scratch with IC Chips, bare Components and custom PCB Etching.

These IC sockets work by taking the standard SOIC (Small Outline) package and giving it an adapter platform that converts it into a DIP (Dual In-Line) package. And while this may seem redundant to some, since you could easily just solder the SOIC into your circuit without any adapters, experienced Makers will know that these sockets offer more than just longer legs for IC chips to stand on.

The first benefit of IC sockets like these are that they can be used for very sensitive IC chips that would typically break at soldering temperatures, allowing for safe insertion and removal of these chips once the soldering is complete. Additionally, the second key benefit for these sockets is that they make chip replacements and board repairs much easier, since you can directly “unplug” the IC in socket, and simply swap it out without much unnecessary effort or messy Soldering.

Finally, and this is not quite a much of a benefit as the previous two, but the third main benefit of these sockets is to utilise the universal standard 40 Pin layout, as this can make programming and developing on IC chips much easier. With the 40 Pin standard, you can use tools like the common 40 Pin ZIF Sockets to program without any chances of physical damage, before adding the programmed chip into your circuit. This way, you can protect your chips from any unnecessary damage both during programming and installation onto the PCB, which is especially important if you are utilising very expensive or very sensitive chips for your projects.

Please Note: These units are priced individually but sold in minimum order quantities of five (5), so as to save on shipping costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


40 Pin Wide Base DIP IC Socket  -  Technical Specifications:

  • No. of Pins                             

– 40

  • No. of Sockets

– 40

  • Pin Pitch

– 2.64mm

  • Socket Type

– Double Spring Contact

  • Adapter Type

– SOIC to DIP (Small Outline to Dual Inline)

  • Dimensions

– 50 x 17.5mm


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40 Pin Wide Base DIP IC Socket

40 Pin Wide Base DIP IC Socket