MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack Expand

MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack

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The MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack is a great upgrade pack that gives Wanhao’s Duplicator 4 series of 3D printers dual-extrusion capabilities.

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If you’re the proud owner of one of Wanhao’s Duplicator 4 series of 3D Printers, and have always dreamed of dual-extrusion printing, then you will certainly be excited with this MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack. Designed to perfectly fit any of the Duplicator 4 series, this pack includes two MK10 heater blocks as well as a long “cooling block” that the heater blocks fit into. This entire set of three aluminium blocks then fits onto the hotend carriage on the gantry, allowing for two different 3D Filaments to be fed to two separate nozzles so that your printer can utilise both at the same time, or individually as the need arises.

*Please Note: This is a Wanhao Original spare, which ensures that it will be perfectly compatible with Wanhao 3D Printers.


MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Material Composition

– Aluminium

  • Number of Items

– 3

  • Heater Block Model

– MK10

  • Hotend Compatibility

– MK10

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Wanhao Duplicator 4 Series


Typical Applications for MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack:

This MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack is primarily designed to upgrade Duplicator 4 3D printers with dual-extrusion capabilities, which allows for users to either print in two different colours at the same time, or allows for more interesting applications such as:

  • Printing both the primary filament as well as dissolvable support materials that can be removed afterwards with a simple bath in solution.
  • Creating objects with different types of Exotic Filaments, which each require a different printing temperature – typically impossible for the “2-In-1-Out” design.
  • Building your own multi-colour prints without having to go through complicated filament-swap procedures or having to wait for temperatures to rise or fall to specific levels.

These are just a few examples of the fun and practical applications of dual-extrusion printing, and are key reasons why these Dual Extruder Heater Block Packs are so popular amongst 3D Makers who love to experiment and play around with various 3D Printing techniques and technologies.


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MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack

MK10 Dual Extruder Heater Block Pack

Wanhao have been supplying 3D Printers internationally since as early as 2012, and have rapidly garnered a world-renowned reputation for quality machines, parts and components. After originally banding together as a group of friends and purchasing a Makerbot Thing-O-Matic, they created their own “Duplicator 1” 3D Printer, which was essentially a replica of the Thing-O-Matic, with slight modifications and alterations to make it better suit typical users.

Wanhao’s strengths have always stemmed from the fact that they are both 3D Makers and 3D Printer Manufacturers, which allows them to understand the needs of the end user when developing new models or upgrades. It is the same reason why they always make sure to stock spares of all of the different parts and components, because they believe that you should never have to buy an entirely new printer if one part breaks, and should instead be able to simply replace whichever part is broken.

There are few 3D Printing manufacturers with as much experience and reputation as Wanhao, which is why we have chosen them as one of our top suppliers here at DIYElectronics. Not only do they continue to bring out exciting new models and upgrades for existing models, but they also align with our own company culture and values by proactively supplying all of the spare parts that customers might need – so that you, as an end user, never have to source spares or alternatives if you have problems with faulty or broken parts throughout the lifespan of your 3D Printer.