E3D V6 Heater Block for PT100 Heater Cartridge - Cover Expand

E3D V6 Heater Block for PT100 Heater Cartridge



This E3D V6 Heater Block is made to fit the widely popular E3D V6 Hotend Assemblies, with perfect spacing to fit the PT100 Heater Cartridge.

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When working with high heat in applications like cooking or soldering, it’s often easy to get a feel for just how hot the plate, iron or other heating component is, and this typically allows us to understand how well we’re doing in terms of utilising the heat for whatever application we’re busy with. However, within 3D Printing, you can’t simply rely on “feeling” the temperature, as Hotend Assemblies can reach quite extreme temperatures at times, and you also need very precise temperature control to be able to maintain specific heat levels for melting and extruding 3D Filament.

This is where the key benefits of components like these E3D V6 Heater Blocks can be found, which fit the common PT100 Temperature Sensors and help to transfer those very high (and very specific) temperatures into the nozzle, and furthermore into the filament within the nozzle. Despite their relatively simple design, these E3D V6 Heater Blocks are machined to very precise specifications, so as to avoid any heat and energy loss, and are made to perfectly fit the E3D V6 design that has become widely popular throughout the world.

*Note: This is not supplied by E3D, although it is manufactured to the same specs and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


E3D V6 Heater Block for PT100 Heater Cartridge  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Material

– Aluminium                                                      

  • Thread Size

– M6

  • Thermistor Hole Size

– M3

  • Heater Cartridge Hole Size

– 6mm

  • Dimensions

– 23 x 16 x 11.5mm


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E3D V6 Heater Block for PT100 Heater Cartridge

E3D V6 Heater Block for PT100 Heater Cartridge