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The Mosquito Hot Block

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The Mosquito Hot Block is the high-temperature heater block for The Mosquito Hotend, the ultra-light hotend made for high speeds AND high quality.

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When looking at The Mosquito Hotend from Slice Engineering, it’s easy to see just how much hard work and refinements it must have gone through to get to where it is today. Offering extremely low weight coupled with high quality materials and an elegant yet effective design, the Mosquito was made for high speeds AND high quality – without compromise. However, while these beautiful Hotend Assemblies are undoubtedly some of the best on the market, even these hotends can fall victim to damage, whether it be from mechanical failures or simply from faulty g-code that smashes it down into the heatbed.

The Mosquito Hot Block is the one and only heater block for The Mosquito Hotend, and is stocked to help you get back to your 3D Printing fun in case yours gets damaged. Made from a high-grade copper alloy specially formulated for high-speed thermal conductivity even at extremely high temperatures, this heater block simply fits directly onto the bottom of a Mosquito Hotend, and snugly houses the heater cartridge, thermistor and nozzle. The material used for this heater block has also been specially coated with a plastic-repellent, which helps to prevent 3D Filament stains and sticky messes, while the tin plating also helps direct the heat inwards, directly toward the nozzle where it can be absorbed into the melting filament.

Whether you’ve damaged your Mosquito Hot Block from a bed crash, a mistake with a tool, or from any other mistake or fault, you can rest assured that you can simply replace it with ease, and get straight back your 3D Printer back into working order with as little downtime (and heartache) as possible.


The Mosquito Hot Block  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Slice Engineering

  • Material Composition

– High-Grade Copper Alloy

  • Additional Coating/Plating

– Tin Plating

 Plastic-Repellent Coating

  • Thread Size

– M6

  • Thermistor Hole Diameter

– 3mm

  • Heater Cartridge Hole Diameter    

– 6mm

  • Hotend Compatibility

The Mosquito Hotend

  • Nozzle Compatibility

– E3D Nozzle: Longer Format

– Slice Engineering Vanadium Nozzles Recommended


If you’re a little unsure of how to make any replacements or modifications to your Mosquito Hotend, or if you simply want to see another Maker figure it out so you can learn from their mistakes, the following video by Chris Riley is rather hilarious, and also offers a glimpse into how you can go about replacing the various different parts, from the Hot Block to the Heat Break:


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The Mosquito Hot Block

The Mosquito Hot Block