E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit - Cover Expand

E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit



This E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit is stocked as an inexpensive drop-in upgrade, allowing for ultra-fast printing speed & rapid prototyping.

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When taking a look at the many different upgrades and improvements that exist for 3D Printers, it’s quite easy to be persuaded by the incredibly high detail and pristine quality that some of the various upgrades offer. However, premium detail quality is not always the ideal benefit to be striving for, and anyone who loves to prototype will understand that speed is sometimes a more desirable trait, and this is why we stock the E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit, for Makers who want the option of 3D Printing FAST!

This volcano hotend upgrade is designed to fit the ever-popular E3D V5 and V6 Hotend Assemblies, with the same threading that you would find on E3D V5 Heater Blocks and E3D V6 Heater Blocks. However, this heater block is oriented “sideways” when compared to the standard flat arrangement, allowing for a much faster rate of heating, which in turn increases the overall throughput as the 3D Filaments have more space and surface area to draw the heat and melt before extrusion.

In addition to the volcano heater block, this upgrade kit also includes a few convenient parts as well, such as a nice 100K NTC thermistor, a 12V 40W heater cartridge, as well as an assortment of eight brass E3D Volcano Nozzles in various sizes. This means you will not only have a great assembly that can rapidly heat filaments for high output rates, but also a range of Spares and nozzle options to cater to whatever specific prints you’re eager to prototype.


E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Nozzle

– Assortment of 8 Volcano Nozzles

  • Heater Block

E3D V5/V6 Volcano Heater Block

  • Heatbreak

– N/A

  • Cooling Tower

– N/A

  • Thermistor

100K 1% NTC

  • Heater Cartridge

– 12V DC | 40W

  • Maximum Temperature

– 260° to 300°C Dependent on Firmware

  • Weight (Total)

– ±63g

  • Dimensions (Heater Block) 

– 20mm High | 20mm Long | 11.6mm Wide


*Note: This is not supplied by E3D, although it is manufactured to the same specs and quality controlled locally to ensure it functions exactly as expected - while saving you money.


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E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit

E3D V5/V6 Volcano Hotend Upgrade Kit