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Creality Ender 5 Hotend Assembly

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This Creality 24V Hotend Assembly for Ender 5 features as extended Bowden tube to cater to the unique form factor of the awesome Creality Ender 5.

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3D Printing is a fantastically complex hobby to enjoy, offering the ability to turn ideas into realities, and digital designs into real physical objects. However, because these machines are so damn complicated, it’s not surprising that sometimes things go wrong, and while some of these are easy to fix with just some re-tensioning or a reboot of the system, other problems are a little more difficult to fix, and may require the replacement of an entire major part. Fortunately, Creality are always ahead of the game with supplying reliable Creality Original Spares, so that we can stock all of the parts you need to quickly and efficiently repair whatever is broken, with little to no unnecessary downtime and maximised fun along the way.

This awesome Creality Original Ender 5 Hotend Assembly is stocked as a quick and easy replacement part, and is built to the exact same specifications as the hotend assemblies that come installed on Ender 5 3D Printers. It is an all-metal hotend that can reach high temperatures of around 260°C, and fits all of the MK8 Nozzles that we stock, including the specialised nozzles from Micro Swiss. It comes fully equipped with a standard 0.4mm brass nozzle, a heater block, a heatbreak, a thermistor and a Bowden tube to connect the hotend to the extruder assembly. This means that if you are unfortunately experiencing faults or problems with your current hotend, you can simply purchase this to remedy all of your problems, without requiring any extra parts, adapters or other components to get it working in the way that you want.

Please Note: This Creality 24V Hotend Assembly for Ender 5 is designed to the exact same specification as the Creality 24V Hotend Assembly for Ender 3 and CR20, but has been equipped with a longer PTFE Bowden Tube so as to accommodate the unique form factor of the Creality Ender 5 3D Printer. Bear in mind as well that this will not be compatible with the Ender 5 Plus, since the Ender 5 Plus utilises the same kind of hotend assembly as the new CR-10S Pro Series.


Creality 24V Ender 5 Hotend Assembly  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Creality 3D                                                  

  • Operating Voltage

– 24V DC

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Creality Ender 5

– Creality Ender 5 Silent Edition

  • Nozzle

0.4mm MK8 Nozzle

  • Heater Block

– 20x20x10mm Aluminium Block

  • Heatbreak

– M6 30mm

  • Bowden Tube

– ±55cm

  • Thermistor

– 100k 1% NTC

  • Operating Temperatures

– -45° to +260°C


Typical Applications for Creality 24V Hotend Assembly for Ender 5:

As some of you will know, the Ender Series and CR-20 Series of Creality’s 3D Printers typically operate on 24V DC, with the CR-10 Series and CR-10S Pro Series operating on the lower 12V DC in comparison. This voltage requirement, in addition to the extra length of Bowden tubing mentioned above, makes this hotend assembly specifically suited for the Creality Ender 5. However, it must be noted that this hotend assembly can also work on the Ender 3, Creality CR-20 and other 24V 3D Printers, although because of the unique form factor of the Creality Ender 5, this assembly has also included a longer Bowden tube compared to similar assemblies that we stock.


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Creality Ender 5 Hotend Assembly

Creality Ender 5 Hotend Assembly

Although Creality 3D have been working within the industry since 2014, their addition of the Creality CR-10 series is what really catapulted them to the front line of competition, as it offered substantially better quality compared to other 3D printers – while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexities of the machines.

The quality of Creality’s 3D Printers and accessories shows through in their market history, with the brand selling around 3000 printers in their first year on the market, followed by about 10,000 sales over the next year. Now, Creality easily sells around 30,000 or more 3D printers each year, with sales continuously rising as they bring out more models. These are impressive numbers when considering the fact that they entered the industry as unknown competitors, quickly rising through the ranks and now even competing with Wanhao and similar top brands.

If you are looking for excellent 3D Printers that offer affordability without compromising on quality, Creality 3D is certainly a brand that you should take note of. From the basic Creality Ender 2 all the way up to the large build volume Creality CR-10 S5, there are few other brands who are capable of offering such a refined package while still maintaining some of the most enticing prices in the industry.