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The Mosquito Magnum Hotend Assembly

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The Mosquito Magnum steps up the design with an Extended Melt Zone and NASA-grade Thermal Insulation for extreme speeds without compromise on quality.

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With the introduction of the original Mosquito Hotend by Slice Engineering, we really thought that we had reached the peak of what’s possible in terms of rapid printing speeds with amazing precision. However, with the even more recent Mosquito Magnum Hotend Assembly, we have been blown away at just how this new hotend take print speeds to the extreme!

The Mosquito Magnum is a step up from the previous Mosquito Hotend, and takes all of the very best features, and couples them with an Extended Melt Zone and NASA-grade thermal insulation to provide blazing fast print speeds without compromise on weight or precision. This beautiful masterpiece, just like the one before it, includes the specially designed High-Grade Copper Heater Block, coupled and mounted to the Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Alloy Heat Sink via the Heat Block Hardware, with the ever-famous Bi-Metallic Heat Break – which all work together to give it all the right capabilities in all the right places.

If you love 3D Printing and are looking for ways to really step up your speeds, quality and overall enjoyment, then there are few Hotend Assemblies that can compete with The Mosquito Magnum Hotend from Slice Engineering. Furthermore, these hotends are also perfectly compatible with the BMG-M Extruder, which features exact mounting points for the Mosquito and Mosquito Magnum, allowing you to enjoy direct drive 3D Printing in addition to ridiculous print speeds and great quality.

Finally, if you already know how amazing the original Mosquito Hotend is, then you will understand that this hotend is ready to deliver excellence in every regard. However, if you’re not familiar with just how great the Original Mosquito Hotend is, then we encourage you to sink your teeth into the juicy details over on that page, before exploring the new features of this model down below.

Please Note: Although the Mosquito Hotend is made to fit E3D Nozzles, we have found that the nozzle needs to be longer than the common E3D nozzle clones. As such, we recommend using the Slice Engineering Vanadium Nozzles or similar longer design, so that the back of the nozzle can push against and thermally couple with the copper inside the heater block.

Additional Note: As of July 2020, the design of these hotend assemblies have changed slightly, and now feature higher cooling fins on the heat break, as well as a wider 3.4mm heat break top diameter. This only affects the heat break and the heat sink, however, but just keep this in mind if your Mosquito Magnum Hotend was purchased before this date.


The Mosquito Magnum Hotend  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

Slice Engineering

  • Nozzle (Not Included)

– E3D Nozzle: Longer Format

– Slice Engineering Vanadium Nozzles

– Micro Swiss 0.4mm E3D Nozzle 

  • Heater Block

Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy “Hot Block”

  • Heat Break

Bimetallic: Copper Alloy & Strained Stainless Steel    

  • Cooling Tower

Specialised Aircraft Aluminium 7075 Alloy

  • Hotend Cooling Fan (Not Included)

– 12V 2510 Mosquito Fan

– 24V 2510 Mosquito Fan

  • Part Cooling Fan (Not Included)

– Dependent on Adapter Choice

  • Heater Cartridge (Not Included)

– 12V 50W Mosquito Heater Cartridge

– 24V 50W Mosquito Heater Cartridge

– Any with 6mm Diameter | 22mm Length

  • Thermistor (Not Included)

– Mosquito Extreme Temperature Thermistor

– Any with 3mm Diameter | 15mm Length

  • Operating Temperatures

– 0° to +450°C

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

– Almost All 3D Printers

– See Dedicated Adapters Page for Details

  • Extra Features

Plastic Repellent Paint Coating

  • Weight

– 45g

  • Dimensions

– 19 x 25 x 41mm


How Does the Mosquito Magnum Step Up from The Original?

Although it may extremely similar to the Original Mosquito Hotend, The Mosquito Magnum Hotend Assembly offers one extra feature that allows for even faster 3D Printing speeds, while still maintaining excellent precision and without any nozzle clogs. This key difference is the Extended Melt Zone on the Mosquito Magnum Heat Break, which is quite a lot larger, and has a lot more surface area. Because of this larger surface area, however, it would naturally lose heat at a faster rate, which could lead to clogging and other problems. That’s why the brilliant Engineers at Slice Engineering decided to give this part one of the most thermally insulating materials on the planet, known humbly as The Mosquito Heat Break Insulator, to keep that heat trapped in the melt zone and turning that filament molten for high speed printing, while only adding on 4g more weight to the incredibly low of 41g of the original.

The Extended Melt Zone on The Mosquito Magnum Hotend essentially turns the awesome Mosquito Hotend into a volcano hotend, dramatically improving print speeds when used in conjunction with a high output nozzle like the Slice Engineering 0.8mm Vanadium Nozzle, and giving you the blazing fast, exceptionally accurate print capabilities that no other hotend on the market can quite compare to. And of course, with this seemingly minor but surprisingly effective coupled with all of the amazing features that this and the original Mosquito Hotend offers, allows these hotends to compete even among professional-grade hotend assemblies.


Additional Resources:

  • For more detailed information about the various different products of Slice Engineering, as well as dimensions, schematics and other useful information, be sure to visit this Slice Engineering Documentation Page.

  • Furthermore, if there’s anything else you might want to know that hasn’t been mentioned above, check out the Slice Engineering FAQ’s Page, where they have great answers for common questions about their product range.

  • Finally, this is a handy Slice Engineering Adapters Page, which contains an awesome range of 3D Printable adapters for various 3D Printers and components. Be sure to take a look at this if you’re struggling with fitting any Mosquito products to your machine.


Mosquito - Installation Guide

Mosquito & Magnum - Installation Guide

Download (809.21k)

Mosquito - Assembly Guide

Mosquito & Magnum - Assembly Guide

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The Mosquito Magnum Hotend Assembly

The Mosquito Magnum Hotend Assembly