New E3D RapidChange Revo CR Hotend – for 12V Creality Printers Expand

E3D RapidChange Revo CR Hotend – for 12V Creality Printers



This E3D RapidChange Revo CR Hotend is designed to upgrade your 12V Creality 3D printer with hassle-free nozzle swapping, fast heating, and high filament flow.

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From the E3D brand, Revo nozzles are gaining more popularity in the Maker world. These nozzles are tailored for ultra-performance and quick-change while cold. E3D’s range of Revo nozzles extends from the standard high-flow brass nozzle to the impressive DiamondBack for extreme metal filled filaments. This Revo CR Hotend Kit allows you to upgrade your Creality printer to accommodate these fantastic Revo nozzles!

The E3D Revo CR Hotend is specially designed for 12V Creality printers with a Revo HeaterCore and included 0.4mm brass Revo nozzle. The hotend is primed with pre-drilled M3 mounting holes to match Creality standards, incorporated solderless butt splice connectors, and a 100K NTC thermistor. This makes the Revo CR a drop-in upgrade for your Creality Ender 3 or CR-10 printers. Additionally, the RapidChange Revo hotend range heats up faster than a racing rabbit up to 300°C, allowing you to print quickly and easily.

Revo nozzles are known for their convenient features, such as quick-change for swapping out the size nozzle you need in under a minute. Their design paired with this hotend’s HeaterCore ensures that your filament can flow freely at high temperatures. The benefit rockets your printing speed capabilities and increases efficiency and reliability of each print. The Revo CR has a built-in PTC for extra protecting against thermal runaways on your Creality 3D printers.

Please Note: This E3D Revo CR Hotend is specified to work with 12V Creality Printers only. Please check if your specific printer runs 12V or 24V before purchasing.


E3D RapidChange Revo CR Hotend – Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer                                                            

– E3D

  • 3D Printer Compatibility

Note: 12V Printers Only are Compatible. Creality Machines May Have 24V Systems. Please Check Your Printer.

Ender 3 | Ender 3 Pro | Ender 3 V2

Ender 5 | Ender 5 Pro | Ender 5 Plus

Ender 6

CR10 | CR10S | CR10S4 | CR10S5

  • Printing Temperature

– 300°C Max

  • Filament Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Mount System

– Flat, Pre-Drilled M3 Holes

  • Voltage

– 12V

  • Thermistor

– 100K NTC Thermistor

  • Heater Cartridge

– Included

  • Revo Compatibility

– Revo Nozzles and RapidChange Revo Ecosystem

  • Weight

– 25g


Additional Resources:

  • The Revo nozzle datasheet is available on the E3D official website with a summary of all the technical information you need.
  • The Revo nozzle cleaning guide is also very useful to ensure you’re cleaning your Revo nozzle thoroughly every time.
  • If you want to learn more about the E3D RapidChange Revo Hotends, check out this review video on the Revo CR Hotend from MandicReally:

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E3D RapidChange Revo CR Hotend – for 12V Creality Printers

E3D RapidChange Revo CR Hotend – for 12V Creality Printers