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Rotary Encoder Module



This Arduino-compatible Rotary Encoder Module offers 20 pulses per rotation, a central push button, as well as 360° full continuous rotation.

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This little Rotary Encoder Module is a fantastic module for interfacing with electronics, which utilises photoelectric sensors and a specially-designed encoder wheel to determine the exact orientation of the rotatable knob. This allows for extremely easy interfacing with Microcontroller based projects, as you can simply turn the knob in either direction to scroll through a menu or similar interface, with the shaft also acting as a push-button to select the appropriate option.

This rotary encoder module is a full continuous 360° unlimited rotation encoder, with 20 pulses per revolution – or one pulse/activation per 18° of rotation. This makes it surprisingly accurate without being too sensitive, resulting in a simple but effective Input Control method. Of course, you can also choose to code your microcontroller with specific actions when the encoder is rotated or the push-button pressed, although the standard operations are typically the best choice for most standard Electronics project applications.


Rotary Encoder Module  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Encoder Style

– Photoelectric

  • Rotation Limitations

– Full Continuous 360° / Unlimited Rotation

  • Pulses Per Revolution

– 20

  • Functionality

– Bidirectional Rotation & Centre Push Button

  • Output Pins

– A / B / Switch / GND / VCC

  • Pin Pitch

– 2.54mm

  • Dimensions

– 26.2 x 18.5 x 28.5mm


Typical Applications for Rotary Encoder Modules:

These Rotary Encoder Modules are very common input components in the world of hobby electronics, and are particularly useful if you’re simply looking for a convenient and reliable interfacing module. It is easy enough for a child to use, while offering a surprisingly high level of functionality. They are very similar to the encoders used on RAMPS interfaces, such as on our Prusa i3 Printers, as they are not only accurate and easy to operate, but also very affordable as well.


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Rotary Encoder Module

Rotary Encoder Module