Cotton Heat Bed Insulator - 250x200x3mm Expand

Cotton Heatbed Insulator - 250x200x3mm



These 250mm x 200mm Cotton Heat Bed Insulators help stabilise and maintain high temperatures and can be used on a variety of heated bed set ups.

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3D printing is an exciting culmination of Art and Science working together, but is not necessarily easy to do without taking the time to practice and learn about all of the different parameters and variables. Fortunately though, tools like these 250x200x3mm Cotton Heat Bed Insulators are designed to make the 3D Printing process a lot easier, to ensure that even beginners can learn to fabricate their own models, sculptures and other objects without needing professional experience.

Made to fit heatbeds like the MK2a Heated Bed, these ceramic fibre cotton heatbeds help by stabilising the temperatures over the entire surface. This prevents random spikes in temperature from affecting the print, and reduces the chances of the print deforming or sagging during prints. Additionally, it offers the benefit of energy efficiency as well, as it helps the heatbed maintain necessary temperatures. And with a heat tolerance of up to 450°C, it can capably handle any temperatures of standard 3D Printer Models.


250x200mm Cotton Heatbed Insulator  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Materials

– Ceramic Fibres

  • Max Safe Temperature

– 450°C

  • Typical Uses

– Heatbeds/Heater Blocks/Nozzles

  • Thickness

– 3mm

  • Dimensions

– 200 x 200mm


Typical Applications for 250x200mm Cotton Heatbed Insulators:

These ceramic fibre Cotton Heat Bed Insulators measure at 250mm by 200mm with 3mm thickness, made to perfectly fit MK2a heatbeds and similar designs. However, they can also be used in other parts requiring insulation, such as the heat blocks or nozzles. If you are in need of insulation for these parts though, we do also sell Nozzle Insulating Cotton blocks, which snugly wrap around the hotend and keep those high temperatures in the right places.


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Cotton Heatbed Insulator - 250x200x3mm

Cotton Heatbed Insulator - 250x200x3mm