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Nozzle Insulating Cotton

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These strips of Nozzle Insulating Cotton maintain extreme temperatures of up to 450°C – Reduces heat losses and keeps heat within the hotend and nozzle.

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These strips of Nozzle Insulating Cotton are designed to help maintain the extreme temperatures needed to melt plastic filament inside of hotends, and are essentially high heat tolerance ceramic fibres wrapped in Kapton Tape. The reason for their design is because hotends tend to lose temperatures very quickly, and heat loss like that can lead to half-melted plastic filament – resulting in nozzle clogs or stringing during prints.

The ceramic fibres are capable of handling and insulating temperatures of up to 450°C, while the Kapton Tape holding it together can bear temperatures of up to 260°C without problems. These high tolerances perfectly cater to the temperature needs of 3D Printer Hotends, and ultimately help you produce far greater quality prints with no nozzle clogs or stringing.

This ceramic fibre cotton is also used in our range of Cotton Heatbed Insulators, which provide similar benefits for heatbeds and stabilise the temperatures over the entire printing platform.


Nozzle Insulating Cotton  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Materials

– Ceramic Fibres and Kapton Tape

  • Max Safe Temperature

– 260°C

  • Typical Uses

– Heatbeds / Heater Blocks / Nozzles


Typical Applications for Nozzle Insulating Cotton:

Although our Nozzle Insulating Cotton strips are designed to keep high temperatures within the hotend and nozzle, these strips can actually be used in any application requiring insulation. And while it is possible to mitigate heat loss with PID configuration or custom tin foil modification, these insulator strips are far more reliable – simply wrapping around the outside of the hotend for optimal results.

Additional ways in which you can use Nozzle Insulation Cotton include:

  • Insulating wires and cables from hot parts to prevent them from melting or other damage.
  • Adding extra insulation to Printing Enclosures to maintain a high overall temperature within.
  • Covering important components to shelter them from direct heat coming from hot parts.

These strips of nozzle insulating cotton are ideal for keeping high or low temperatures within specific parts or areas where it’s needed, and helps prevent heat from escaping into areas or parts that need to be kept cool. Regardless of how you use these strips, however, they are one of the best value-for-money and most convenient insulation solutions available to 3D Makers.




The strips are very small... you need at least two for a typical printer. So you will need to carefully cut pieces that you can attach one by one. On top of that, they have no adhesive which means you also need to buy Kapton tape to secure them

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Nozzle Insulating Cotton

Nozzle Insulating Cotton