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Silicone Sock Insulator for V6 Heater Block



These Silicone Sock Insulators are made to keep E3D V6 Heater Blocks warm and snug, to prevent heat loss and improve part cooling capabilities.

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If you still remember the days of needing to Kapton Tape and Insulating Cotton around Heater Blocks for better heat insulation and temperature control, then you may be able to understand why we’re so excited about getting some of these fantastic Silicone Sock Insulators for V6 Style Heater Blocks.


What are the Key Benefits of Using a Silicone Sock Insulator?

While some people may not quite understand why silicone sock insulators have been slowly gaining popularity over the past few years, once you start understanding what the silicone socks do, the benefits suddenly become very obvious, with two distinct benefits standing out from the rest. The first of these distinct benefits is that the sock stretches and fits snugly around the heater block, which then helps to prevent heat loss and keeps the heater block at ideal 3D Printing temperatures.

The second distinct benefit is similar to the first, but is more closely related to cooling PLA, as the silicone sock also helps to prevent heat loss caused by the part cooling fan. This enables you to crank that fan up to max for tall, thin prints, so that they can quickly solidify and not melt or fall over from too much weight on prints that are still hardening and gaining structural stability.

Finally, the last benefit that these socks offer, although it’s not necessarily related to print quality, is that they keep your Heater Blocks clean and fresh, which does help a little towards preventing heat loss while also keeping old melted filament from interfering with the current print, but is primarily just for aesthetics.


Please Note: These silicone socks are designed to fit V6 heater blocks on E3D-Style Hotend Assemblies, but if you’re looking for a silicone sock for a printer with a different style hotend, be sure to check out our Silicone Sock Insulators for MK8 Heater Blocks, which are stocked primarily for Creality 3D Printers, but can be used on most MK8 designs too.


Silicone Sock Insulator for V6 Heater Block  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Sock Material

– Silicone Composite                                          

  • Heater Block Compatibility

E3D V6 Heater Block

  • Weight

– ±10g

  • Dimensions

– ±16 x 23mm


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