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TinySwitch-III TNY277GN - Intelligent Power Switch



The TinySwitch-III family incorporates multiple circuits into one tiny package, allowing for switching, duty cycling, current protection and more!

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Working with IC Components is a complex task, and often demands very specific parts with precise specifications if you want your circuits to be high quality. This is why there are so many different chips that may seem the same from first glance, but each offer their own distinct advantages, as well as pros and cons for using.

This TinySwitch-III TNY277GN is one such complex and precise IC component, and is described as an Intelligent Power Switch for IC circuitry, incorporating a 700V Power MOSFET, Oscillator, high-voltage switched current source, current limiter and thermal shutdown circuitry into one tiny but powerful unit. It has quite a wide range of different applications due to the impressive tolerances and flexibility in its different use cases, and is one of the key components for many Bench and Lab Power Supplies, assisting in switching of circuits or even entire devices without requiring any heavy modifications or alterations to the circuits that it’s connected to.

While the TinySwitch-III family of IC chips are great for many different use cases, we stock these particular TNY277GN models primarily as replacement parts for our Bench PSU’s such as the 30V 10A Lab PSU that we sell, ensuring that you can simply replace the tiny broken part rather than replacing the entire PSU or making haphazard modifications to make the PSU work without the required component.

If you’re eager to find out precisely what this little chip can do, be sure to check out the TinySwitch-III Family Datasheet attached above, which offers 24 pages of excellent documentation on how this chip works, what principles and protocols it uses, as well as the slight nuances and differences between the different models within the TinySwitch-III family.

Please Note: These units are priced individually but sold in minimum order quantities of two (2), so as to save on shipping costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


TinySwitch-III TNY277GN Intelligent Power Switch  -  Technical Specifications:

  • DRAIN Voltage

– -0.3V to +700V                                                                        

  • DRAIN Peak Current (Voltage ≥400V)

– 880mA

  • DRAIN Peak Current (Voltage <400V)

– 1650mA

  • EN/UV Voltage

– -0.3V to +9V

  • EN/UV Current

– 100mA

  • BP/M Voltage

– -0.3V to +9V

  • Operating Junction Temperature

– -40° to +150°C

  • ON-State Resistance: RDS(ON) (@25°C)

– 7.8Ω to 9Ω @ 25°C

  • ON-State Resistance: RDS(ON) (@25°C)

– 11.7Ω to 13.5Ω @ 100°C

  • OFF-State Drain Leakage Current

– 100μA

  • Breakdown Voltage

– 700V

  • DRAIN Supply Voltage

– 50V

  • IC Package Type

– SMD-8C


Typical Applications for the TinySwitch-III TNY277GN Intelligent Power Switch:

With the enhanced functionality and flexibility of the TinySwitch-III family of chips, it can be used in a very diverse range of different applications depending on how you integrate this IC into a circuit. And while we stock these little components particularly as replacement parts for the awesome Lab Power Supplies that we sell (and love to use), they can also be used for some very interesting projects, such as:

  • Building a Wide Range Set Top Box PSU with Latching Overvoltage Shutdown Protection, to help you in your adventures through electronic experimentation – and blowing things up as you learn.
  • Creating a custom constant current or constant voltage Bench PSU to provide exact power specifications for very sensitive or complex projects with precise power requirements.
  • Designing a clever switching circuit to swap between different devices entirely, but without requiring any circuit redesigns or major modifications.

Although these few applications listed above are certainly fantastic ideas, the truth is that these projects don’t even scratch the surface of what the TinySwitch-III TNY277GN is capable of. And with that in mind, we challenge you to get out there and start taking this tiny but powerful IC to the extreme, and discover for yourself just what this seemingly simple IC can do!


Additional Resources:


9ICTNY277GN - Datasheet

9ICTNY277GN - TinySwitch-III Family Datasheet

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TinySwitch-III TNY277GN - Intelligent Power Switch

TinySwitch-III TNY277GN - Intelligent Power Switch