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L298N Brushed Motor Driver IC - Dual Full-Bridge



The L298N IC is a very common Dual Full-Bridge DC Motor driver, capable of driving 2A per channel with a wide voltage range of between 7V and 46V DC.

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Motors are truly marvellous little electromechanical devices that are an ingenious blend of Electronics and Mechanics, working together to create physical motion that can operate an incredibly wide range of different devices. From massive motors like those in vehicles, to tiny motors like the vibration modules in smart phones, we use motors for many more applications than we even realise, and this is why motor drivers like the L298N Brushed Motor Driver IC are so vital for our modern world.

The L298N IC is a clever little Dual Full-Bridge motor driver that is commonly used in Hobbyist Modules like the L298N Motor Driver Module, and is designed to offer high current driving for up to two DC motors, with an impressive 2A output per channel and a wide supply voltage range of between 7V and 46V. This makes it more than just capable of driving little hobbyist motors, and offers a wide LOW and HIGH voltage range to ensure substantially reduce effects of noise on the circuit.

If you’re looking at building your very own Motor Driver Modules, or are simply eager to replace a blown IC on your favourite motor driver module, the L298N is a great choice that can accommodate an impressive range of different project specifications.

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L298N Dual Full-Bridge Brushed Motor Driver IC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model No.

– L298N                                                                      

  • Motor Compatibility

– Brushed DC Motors

  • Output Configuration

– Dual Full Bridge

  • Logic Voltage (VSS)

– 4.5V to 7V DC

  • Operating Voltage (VS)

– 4.8V to 46V DC

  • Max Driving Current (Typ.)

– 4A (2A Per Channel)

  • Max Driving Current (Peak)

– 6A (3A per Channel)

  • Pin Count

– 15

  • Package Type

– Multiwatt15

  • Mounting Style

– Through Hole

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -25° to +130°C

  • Dimensions

– 19.6 x 10.7 x 5mm


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L298N Brushed Motor Driver IC - Dual Full-Bridge

L298N Brushed Motor Driver IC - Dual Full-Bridge