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MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC



Give any custom project audio reactivity with this advanced (yet simple to use) MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser - 8Pin DIP for easy integration!

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As Makers, we love to build projects of all kinds, from simple Electronics circuits to magnificent 3D Printing systems, but one thing that we all have in common is the fact that we are seldom satisfied with simple projects, and we like to add on as many cool features and functions as possible, whenever we get the opportunity. This is why we love little Integrated Circuits Chips like the MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC, because these kinds of chips allow us to add unique, novel and exciting features and functions with relative ease, to add even more “oomph” to our projects than originally planned.

This fancy little MSGEQ7 chip is a seven-band audio analyser that is capable of taking in audio signals, splitting them into seven distinct frequency bands, and then outputting specific values for each of those bands. And while this may sound rather simple at first, it actually achieves a task that is ridiculously difficult for anyone who isn’t in the industry of audio processing, and makes our job as Makers and Tinkerers so much easier than ever before.

This awesome little chippy allows us to easily integrate Audio into projects, utilising the seven frequency bands for reactive projects, and letting us enjoy audio in different ways, with the most popular example being the classic 7-band audio spectrum analyser, which activates LED strips or other Components depending on the intensity of audio in specific bands. So if you’ve always wanted to use audio input for unique or unexpected projects, or if you’ve just always wanted to build your own audio spectrum analyser and don’t really know how to convert audio input into reactions from an MCU, then this MSGEQ7 IC is the perfect tool to begin your adventures with.


MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 2.7V to 5.5V DC                                                   

  • Operating Current

– 0.5 to 1mA

  • Output Drive

– 1mA

  • Defined Audio Bands

– 63Hz

– 160Hz

– 400Hz

– 1kHz

– 2.5kHz

– 6.25kHz

– 16kHz

  • Output Impedance

– 700Ω

  • Output Offset

– 600mV

  • Band Offset Difference

– 200mV (Same Device)

  • Onboard Gain

– 20dB to 24dB (22dB Typical)

  • Clock Frequency (Selectable)

– 145kHz / 165kHz / 180kHz

  • Operating Temperatures

– -60° to +150°C

  • Pin Count

– 8


Typical Applications for MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC:

The MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC is an awesome little chip if you enjoy playing with audio in your projects, and essentially does all of the hard work at splitting up audio signals into definable bands for you to work with. It simply requires two components to work, namely a Capacitor and a Resistor to control the chip clock oscillator, and eliminates the need for pages and pages of coding, as well as hours of optimisations, letting you get straight into the action without any wasted time or effort. And of course, just to speed things up a bit and help push you in the right direction, we have included a link to a really helpful guide down below, so be sure to check that out if you want to skip past testing and experimentation, and want to get straight into the project-making action!


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re at all confused about how to use this fantastic little chip, or if you’re just interested in finding out how to use this and other audio options in projects, this MSGEQ7 Tips & Tricks Guide is an excellent resource and a good place to start when taking on the tricky task of audio integration.


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MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC

MSGEQ7 Seven-Band Graphic Equaliser IC