DF10M Single Diode Bridge Rectifier - 1000V 1A - Cover Expand

DF10M Single Diode Bridge Rectifier - 1000V 1A



This handy DF10M Single Diode Bridge Rectifier is ideal for repairing or building power supplies, or for creating custom DC power solutions.

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Although it’s undoubtedly an awesome fact that we have electricity, and that all of the conditions are just perfect for us to harness and utilise it to “Make Things Happen” in a variety of shapes and forms, what makes electricity even better (at least for us hobbyists) is that we have two different types of electricity, with one being the constantly-shifting Alternating Current (AC), and the other being a more manageable Direct Current (DC). However, these two types of electricity, or current, aren’t exactly interchangeable, and as hobbyists we need both, since AC provides the serious “Oomph” that some electrical devices and components need, while DC allows for things like precise digital logic control, ensuring that our projects are predictable and capable of being repeated over and over again without unexpected results.

This is why we can’t help but feel that Integrated Circuits like this DF10M Single Diode Bridge Rectifier is vital for hobbyists like us, as it allows us to take an AC input, and convert it into a more manageable DC input for various different applications. It is a single-phase bridge rectifier with Silicon Junction diodes that has two AC input pins, with diodes configured very cleverly so as to only allow the positive parts of an AC current through one output pin, while the remaining negative parts of an AC current are directed through the other output pin. This means that you’re not just converting AC to DC, but are actually splitting it into two distinct “Rails”, which of course offer some excellent benefits to those who understand how rails work in Electronics, although you could also take the negative rail and run it through some of inverter too, which could then be used to boost the positive rail, or could simply be used as a separate supply for a different circuit in the same system.

With a relatively basic function and a simple concept done well, this handy little Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier is far more valuable than many would think, and is perfect for building or repairing Power Supplies, or for creating custom power solutions for your various DC projects.

Please Note: These units are priced individually but sold in minimum order quantities of two (2), so as to save on shipping costs and reduce the overall price for each unit.


DF10M 1000V 1A Single Diode Bridge Rectifier  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer

– Vishay Intertechnology                                                          

  • Model No.

– DF10M-E3/E4

  • Bridge Type

– Single-Phase

  • Max Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage

– 1000V

  • Max RMS Voltage

– 700V

  • Max DC Blocking Voltage

– 1000V

  • Peak Continuous Forward Current

– 1A

  • Peak Forward Surge Current

– 50A

  • Forward Voltage Drop

– 1.1V

  • Diode Type

– Silicon Junction

  • Mounting Style

– Through Hole

  • Package Type


  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -55° to +150°C

  • Pin Count

– 4

  • Pin Length

– ±6.3mm

  • Dimensions (Without Pins)

– 8.5 x 6.5 x 3.3mm


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DF10M Single Diode Bridge Rectifier - 1000V 1A

DF10M Single Diode Bridge Rectifier - 1000V 1A