IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor - Gravity Series - Cover Expand

IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor - Gravity Series

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Use air-motions like Waves & Swipes to control your next project with this cool Gesture & Touch Sensor - Features both Infrared & Capacitive Sensing.

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As Makers, Thinkers, Tinkerers and Creatives, our minds are often buzzing about the nearly endless possibilities that modern Electronics offers us today. And with a curious mind, it can truly be a wonderful time to live in, as we have so many different types of modules, components and entire embedded systems, all capable of helping you achieve great things, while also being relatively easy to use when compared to electronics from the past.

This multifunctional IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor is an excellent example of how advanced tech has become so much easier to use, and is designed by DFRobot according to their Gravity Series Standard, so that you can simply grab a microcontroller, plug in this module via its Gravity Series 4-Pin UART Cable, upload some basic code to the MCU, and then integrate this module into almost any project within minutes.

In terms of the multifunctionality that this module offers, it is built to offer both Infrared Sensing for motion-gestures, as well as Capacitive Sensing for up to 5 Touch Buttons. The IR sensing works by shining an IR light from below the sensor, which then bounces off nearby objects above, and into the receiving area at different angles according to the object’s motion. As such, when you move an IR-reflective object (such as your hand) from left to right above the sensor, the receiver will see the highest concentration of reflected IR light travel from the left side over to the right side. Of course, this is slightly different for up/down motions, in which case the sensor would see the concentration of IR light growing or shrinking instead of moving from side to side, but basically utilises the same principals.

In addition to the gesture sensing, these Modules also feature some handy capacitive touch buttons, which could certainly be extended with simple jumper cables or Copper Tape if you know what you’re doing, although overall these five capacitive touch buttons, along with surprisingly advanced gesture technology, ensures that this module promises some truly unique interactive experiences for your projects.


IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5V DC

  • Input Voltage

– 3.3V to 6V DC

  • Output Voltage

– 0V to 3.3V DC

  • Operating Current

– 56.3mA

  • Operating Current (Sleep Mode)   

– 40μA

  • Interface Style

– UART: IOx2

  • UART Protocol Format

– 9600 baud rate; 8 data bits, no parity bit, 1 stop bit

  • Gesture Technology

– Infrared

  • Max Gesture Range (Adjustable)

– 30cm

  • Effective Gesture Range

– 0 to 20cm

  • Compatible Gestures

– Forward | Left | Right | Backward

– Lift/Up | Drop/Down

  • Capacitive Touch Buttons

– 5

  • Included Extras

– Gravity Series 4-Pin UART Cable

  • Dimensions

– 36 x 32mm


Typical Applications for the IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor:

What we love most about this awesome IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor is that it utilises two types of technologies that can go through objects, with IR being able to travel directly through glass, Perspex and other transparent objects, and capacitive being able to operate through almost any non-ferrous objects. This makes it perfect for interactive devices that need to stay safe within a transparent enclosure, or perhaps behind the window at your entrance, while still offering all of the cool gesture and touch sensing capabilities and making it accessible to people while still keeping it safely out of reach of prying hands. Furthermore, because the actual IR Sender and Receiver pair only take up a tiny block of space, you could easily install this unit so that most of the module is out of sight, while just the IR Sender/Receiver Pair peek out to watch as you wave, swipe and push your gestures through the air.


Additional Resources:

  • For more insights on how this module operates, as well as some handy code for Arduino and Espressif microcontrollers, don’t forget to take a look through the DFRobot IR Gesture & Touch Sensor Wiki to find useful resources.


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IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor - Gravity Series

IR Gesture & Capacitive Touch Sensor - Gravity Series

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