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IR Remote & Receiver Pair



This IR Remote & Receiver Pair is ideal for basic Arduino and robotics projects – Includes the infrared module, remote control and connector cable.

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The Keyes IR Remote & Receiver Pair is an excellent set that allows you to integrate Wireless Accessibility into your Arduino projects. Designed specifically for use with Arduino, the module can actually utilize any IR transmitter, and simply requires the IRremote library to connect to and interact with Arduino projects. The module offers an 18m range and a 90° receiving angle, and operates on the frequency of 37.9KHz,

These features are ideal for basic DIY Robotics projects and electronics experimentation, or for simply adding convenience to your life. Ever wanted a remote control toaster? Well now you can have it with this fantastic and easy to use IR remote and receiver pair.

As a final note, some of these modules have G, R and Y printed on them instead of Gnd, Vcc and Out. These appear from left to right and stand for Ground (Black), Red (Voltage) and White (Signal) – typically matching the 3 wires used in most 3-wire cables.


IR Remote & Receiver Pair  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 2.7V to 5.5V                                               

  • Operating Current

– 1.5mA

  • Operating Temperature

– -25°C to 85°C

  • Frequency

– 37.9KHz

  • Receiving Angle

– 90°

  • Receiving Distance

– 18m


Typical Applications for the IR Remote & Receiver Pair:

This IR Remote & Receiver Pair is ideal for any application in which infrared remote control could help or make life easier. As such, this module and remote pair is most often used for applications like:

  • Basic robotics experimentation, with a variety of keys to define to specific limb movements or wheel and steering control.
  • Building a media system that operates with a simple remote control – for classy entertainment that is as discrete as it is impressive.
  • Integrating remote control accessibility into any existing project to enhance it or make it easier to use.

The package includes the infrared module, the remote control and a 3-pin connector cable to connect the Gnd, Vcc and Out pins on the module to an Arduino board or PCB. And as a final note, you may need to download the IRremote library if you are utilizing this module for an Arduino project.


Additional Resources:

  • Handy Hookup Guide for connecting the Keyes-022 IR Module with an Arduino via a simple breadboard layout.


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IR Remote & Receiver Pair

IR Remote & Receiver Pair