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TCRT5000 IR Sensor



The TCRT5000 IR Sensor uses Infrared to identify reflective strip, tape or other surfaces – Ideal for use as an actuator or limit switch.

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The TCRT5000 IR Sensor from Vishay Semiconductors is a small Electronic Component that detects reflective surfaces. It does this by emitting an Infrared wavelength of 950nm – different from the common wavelengths emitted by the sun. This means that it can only read the wavelength it emits, allowing it to identify reflective surfaces without interference from outside sources like sunlight.

The TCRT5000 IR Sensor has a very small form factor of 10.2 x 5.8 x 7mm, and is perfect for installing into card readers and VCR-style machines that use tape, as an actuator or limit switch. In such scenarios, the circuit could turn on when it identifies a card with a reflective strip, or could limit automation when a reflective surface is identified.

For more information, refer to the TCRT5000 IR Sensor data sheet.


TCRT5000 IR Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Detector Type

– Phototransistor                                          

  • Peak Operating Distance

– 2.5mm

  • Emitter Wavelength

– 950nm

  • Dimensions

– 10.2 x 5.8 x 7mm


Typical Applications for the TCRT5000 IR Sensor:

Sensors like the TCRT5000 IR Sensor have been used in machines like VCR’s for decades now, to turn off the playback function when the tape reel reaches the end. However, these Electronic Sensors are becoming far more accessible in modern times, and Makers have been using them for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Integrating power-saving features into a card reader, so that it only draws significant power when a reflective strip card is present.
  • Limit switches for machines, which turn the machine off when it identifies a reflective surface – on a conveyor belt, within a container or along a chute.
  • Coin slots to identify fake or plastic coins and reject them if the sensor doesn’t identify reflective metal.

With such a small form factor, this component can be installed into almost any system, and can be used in a wide range of different ways. From saving energy to identifying fraudulent coins, the TCRT5000 IR Sensor is a great investment at an affordable price.


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TCRT5000 IR Sensor

TCRT5000 IR Sensor