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Arduino Beginner Kit - Seeed Studio Grove Series

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Get started with Arduino the easy way with the Seeed Studio Grove Beginner Kit – featuring a range of modules with a Plug ‘n’ Play Controller Board.

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Arduino is an incredibly interesting platform that allows Makers of all skill levels to dip their toes into complex Electronics and coding, ranging from the most basic of operations like blinking an LED, all the way through to advanced projects like building EEG (brain-reading) devices, with a good range of boards that are able to cater to projects of varying sizes and complexities. However, it can often be difficult for beginners to begin their adventures into the world of Arduino, since there is so much information and so many projects online that it can be overwhelming without any kinds of guidelines.

This is what makes the Seeed Studio’s Arduino Beginner Kit from their Grove Series so valuable, as it offers a fantastic entry-point into the world of Arduino Boards, Shields and modules, for beginners to utilise in order to get some direction on what to learn, what kinds of projects could be enjoyed at their skill level, as well as what they can expect to look forward to if they choose to take the hobby further.

Sneak Peek: This is the Arduino Beginner Grove Kit Resources Page, featuring all of the lessons you can expect to enjoy, so if you’re looking for more juicy details on what you will be learning, be sure to take a moment to browse through it.


What Makes the Grove Beginner Kit Unique?

In terms of Arduino Learning Kits, this kit is particularly interesting because Seeed Studio have designed it in a very Plug ‘n’ Play style, offering a handy Seeeduino Lotus Board that you can simply plug the included sensor modules into. This makes learning about the different sensors, actuators and other Components really easy, and also leaves little room to make mistakes. This makes learning really easy, as beginners can simply experiment without much at risk, and of course learning through real practice rather than just by textbook and imagination. So, with that in mind, let’s explore some of the awesome goodies that you can expect when you invest in this awesome Arduino Beginners Kit:


Parts Included with the Arduino Grove Beginner Kit:

  • 1 x Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 Microcontroller - Based on Arduino ATMEGA328P-MU
  • 1 x Grove: Buzzer Module
  • 1 x Grove: Tilt Switch Module
  • 1 x Grove: Chainable RGB LED Module
  • 1 x Grove: Light Sensor Module
  • 1 x Grove: Line Finder Module
  • 1 x Grove: 16x2 White on Blue LCD Module
  • 1 x Grove: DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module
  • 1 x Grove: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Module
  • 10 x Grove: Module Interfacing Cables
  • 1 x Awesome Compartmentalised Seeeduino Carry Case


Typical Applications for the Seeed Studio Grove Series Arduino Beginner Kit:

When getting Electronics Kits that contain multiple different sensors, modules and other goodies, the applications for those kits are always nearly endless, as each module can be used in a variety of ways, and then the modules can also be used in conjunction with each other for brand new projects too.

However, the key benefit of the Seeed Studio Arduino Beginner Kit from the Grove Series is that it offers a full learning plan included with all of the modules. This plan then takes users through some of the fundamentals of using various modules, before experimenting further with each individual module, and then finally pulling it all together to create a larger, more complex project involving almost all of the different parts within the kit.

This kit has been one of our favourite kits so far for teaching new employees and family members about microcontrollers and modules, and we feel that it offers the perfect blend of ease-of-use, complexity and educational value that would be ideal for a classroom or similar type of learning environment.


Additional Resources:

  • This is the link to the Grove Beginner Kit Learning Resources, available online for everyone and ready to help you learn all about connecting your Arduino (or Seeeduino) board to your computer, and then connecting up all of the modules to the right ports. This page also contains all of the extra information you might need on the Seeeduino Lotus board, as well as each individual module included in the kit.

  • Next up, if you want to find out how this kit works and what you can expect to find within it, check out the Arduino Grove Beginner Kit User Manual, which of course covers all of the basics and extends into more advanced topics as well.
  • If you’re eager for more details about the primary controller board, this Seeeduino Lotus Board Wiki Page, listing all of the key features and what each of the different parts are used for.

  • Additionally, to enhance your Arduino experience even further, this is a Udemy Arduino 2018 Course created by industry professionals, offered for free from Udemy as a basic foundational course to teach the fundamentals of Arduino and kick off your Arduino adventures in high gear.


Finally, if you're eager to get yourself this kit, but are looking for a more visual demonstration, the following is an excellent video from a fellow SA Makers that details the unboxing, initial setup and basic experimentation with the kit for new users, with a handy Grove Beginner Kit Blog Post to add some extra insights that the video might not cover:


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