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Arduino ARDX Kit - Comprehensive Experimentation Pack

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The Arduino ARDX Kit from Seeed Studio is a Comprehensive Experimentation Pack for Makers who like to fiddle, tinker and experiment with electronics.

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Here at DIYElectronics, we understand how tricky it can be to learn the complex world of Arduino and electronics coding, since we all had to go through the same learning curves as everyone else before getting a full grasp on the various components – and more ideas for awesome (realistic) projects. This is why we will always strive to provide handy Electronics Kits of various difficulties and for various purposes, so as to help our favourite customers (yes, we’re talking about you!) in learning all of the skills they need to build truly awesome projects!

This Arduino ARDX Kit is a Comprehensive Experimentation Pack that is meant to offer another step forward in Electronics and Arduino development, and is primarily stocked for Makers who have already enjoyed completing one or two “Beginner” kits. However, although this kit does go into far more complex projects than many of our basic Arduino Kits, it is still incredibly user friendly, with instructions and guidelines for each and every step of the process for every task. This means, regardless of your skill level, you can enjoy some great benefits from this kit, as you can either brave at it yourself with the knowledge you’ve gained from previous kits, or you can simply choose to follow the extremely easy guides to create projects that you can then tear-down or experiment with later for a better understanding.


What Makes the Arduino ARDX Experimentation Kit Unique?

Compared to many of the other Electronics Learning Kits that we stock, the ARDX kit is aimed at both beginners and early experts equally, as it gives a good basic outline for what Makers can do with it, while offering further exploration of each project as well. With this in mind, you can take this kit as far as you would like to go, and with over 30 different components and 13 pre-planned lessons that anyone can enjoy Prototyping for themselves, the possibilities for what you can Make, do and experiment with are surprisingly vast.

Furthermore, this kit is unique in the way that it comes with a full set of 13 breadboard layout guide sheets, and these have been designed to simply fit on top of the provided breadboard, where they show the user precisely where and how to plug various components in. And with this technique, beginners don’t need any electronics or Soldering knowledge or experience at all, while those who already have some skills can test themselves by building the circuit and checking it against the “Cheat Sheet’ after.

These awesome reasons are why this ARDX Kit is often defined as the comprehensive learning kit, and is why it’s certainly one of our favourite kits for Makers on all levels of early expertise.


Arduino ARDX Experimentation Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • 1 x Arduino UNO R3 Microcontroller
  • 1 x Piezo Sensor                                                             
  • 2 x Simple Push Button
  • 1 x GL5528 Light Sensor
  • 1 x Potentiometer
  • 1 x TMP36 Temperature Sensor
  • 10 x 5mm Red LED
  • 1 x 74HC595 Shift Register IC
  • 10 x 5mm Green LED
  • 2 x 1N4001 Diode
  • 1 x 8mm Blue LED
  • 1 x 220μF Capacitor
  • 1 x 8mm Diffused RGB LED
  • 2 x MPS2222A Transistor
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 25 x 560 Ohm Resistor
  • 1 x Toy DC Motor
  • 3 x 2.2k Ohm Resistor
  • 1 x 9g Hobby Servo
  • 3 x 10k Ohm Resistor
  • 1 x 5V Relay (3A/12V AC)
  • 1 x 1M Resistor (1 Mega-Ohm)
  • 1 x 400TP Breadboard
  • 1 x Male Pin Header
  • 35 x Premium Jumper Wires
  • 1 x USB B Cable
  • 1 x 9V Battery to Barrel Jack Adapter
  • 1 x Acrylic Holder
  • 13 x Breadboard Layout Guide Sheets
  • 4 x Rubber Bumpers
  • 1 x Full Colour ARDX Tutorial Book
  • 4 x Plastic Rivet

Please Note: Although we continuously strive to keep each of our products as up to date as possible, sometimes these kits can get slightly altered over time as newer, more affordable, or better alternative modules are brought to the market. If you find that the parts supplied are different to what we've listed above, please let us know so we can update the list and assist with any inconveniences that it may have caused.


Additional Resources:

  • If you’d like to see what’s in store for you before you purchase the ARDX Kit, then this Arduino ARDX User Manual is a great place to find out. Explore some of the great projects that this kit offers, and what you can expect to enjoy.

  • In addition to the above, this is The Arduino ARDX Origin Page, created by the Maker “oomlout” for fellow Makers to utilise and learn from. It features the same basic information as the user manual, but has been clearly split into subsections for each of the 13 projects. Unfortunately, it doesn't look amazing when you open the page, but trust us, there is a wealth of information hidden within this awesome website, despite the rather basic layout. Furthermore, at the bottom of this page, you will find the ARDX Kit Resources Hub, which contains guides, images, as well as many other handy bits of information and assistance for getting started and mastering Arduino and Electronics.



Arduino ARDX Experimentation Kit - User Manual

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Arduino ARDX Kit - Comprehensive Experimentation Pack

Arduino ARDX Kit - Comprehensive Experimentation Pack