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Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit

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The Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit is ideal for beginners, offering Plug ‘n’ Play Grove modules & easy tutorials to help Makers master the fundamentals.

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As a Maker, there is no doubt that you would have heard of Raspberry Pi by now, and the incredible platform that The Raspberry Pi Foundation have been building on and developing for over ten years now. However, despite the amazing potential and nearly limitless possibilities that Raspberry Pi Making is capable, it’s not necessarily the easiest niche to get into, which is why we love fantastic learning kits like this Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit.

The Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit is a fantastic starter pack for anyone who is eager to learn how to Make and “Bake” deliciously complex Pi projects, as it gives you a great range of awesome components like various Sensors, a relay, a servo and a few other goodies, all broken out onto easy-to-use modules that are almost “Plug ‘n’ Play” with a Raspberry Pi board. This fantastic selection of modules is then complemented by a comprehensive Wiki Page that explains the basics of each module, how they can all work to achieve awesome results together, as well as how to take advantage of each one and utilise it in real world projects.

As Makers who love to tinker, fiddle and experiment, we can’t help but fall in love with great Raspberry Pi Kits like this one, and we’re quite certain that, with a little bit of time and patience, the Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit is the perfect kit to help learn to master Raspberry Pi.

Please Note: This kit does not include a Raspberry Pi board. This is intentional, as it allows you to choose the Raspberry Pi that best caters to your particular needs. If you’re eager to see what kinds of options you have in terms of board selection, be sure to check out our Raspberry Pi Boards Category.


Parts Included with the Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit:

  • 1 x Grove Base HAT
  • 1 x Grove: Mini PIR Motion Sensor Module                                                          
  • 1 x Grove: Red LED Button Module
  • 1 x Grove: Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module
  • 1 x Grove: Buzzer Module
  • 1 x Grove: 5V Relay Module (30V DC / 250V AC @ 5A)
  • 1 x Grove: Moisture Sensor Module
  • 1 x Grove: Hobby Servo Motor
  • 1 x Grove: DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Module
  • 1 x Grove: 16x2 White on Blue LCD Module
  • 1 x Grove: Ambient Light Sensor Module
  • 10 x Grove Interfacing Cables


Typical Applications for the Awesome Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit:

With a solid selection of sensors and other Components, as well as basic tutorials and video demonstrations of how to use each one, the Raspberry Pi Grove Base Kit is the perfect kit to help anyone and everyone learn how to Make with Raspberry Pi. It offers simplified “Plug ‘n’ Play” Grove modules that you just need to plug into the right ports to utilise, with a handy Pi HAT that ensures enough space for all of the Modules, as well as the correct interfacing (UART / PWM / I2C / Digital / Analog) that allows each module to operate perfectly.

So, whether you are brand new to Raspberry Pi, or have already enjoyed some basic experimentation but want to get better, there are few kits that can help you master the fundamentals of Raspberry Pi like this comprehensive kit can.


Additional Resources:

  • This is the official Seeed Studio Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi Wiki Page, which details all of the included parts, how each module operates, as well as basic examples and code to help you utilise each one in a variety of ways.


Finally, the following video offers a great visual demonstration of the Grove Base Kit, what you can expect to receive within the kit, as well as basic tutorials to help you begin your adventures into Making with Raspberry Pi:


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