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Complete Weather Station DIY Kit - Anemometer / Wind Vane / Rain Bucket / DHT22

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This awesome Weather Station DIY Kit -includes an anemometer, a wind vane, a rain bucket, DHT22 Sensor and a barometer – all in a FUNtastic DIY Kit.

Wind Speed | Wind Direction | Rainfall | Temperature | Humidity | Pressure

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If you love keeping track of the weather for surfing, camping, bird watching or any other kinds of outdoor activities, and also love to fiddle with Electronics and the various exciting Environmental Sensors available to hobbyists, then you’re going to be really excited when you see this Weather Station DIY Kit, which is a fun environmental sensor station that includes an Anemometer, a Wind Vane, a Rain Bucket, a DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor, as well as an integrated Barometer!

This awesome weather station is a DIY kit that is both fun to use and extremely functional for anyone who loves outdoor activities or environmental analysis. With a full range of different sensors from mechanical to Electronic Sensors, you can measure precise weather conditions to identify weather patterns, predict upcoming weather, or simply record the data to share online or utilise at a later stage. And while it is a DIY kit, it features sensors that are more than capable of high precision, meaning that you could even use this weather station for professional or commercial applications too.

Please Note: When uploading code to the Weather Station DIY Kit, make sure to unplug the TX/RX data lines, as this can interfere with the upload.

Extra Note: This Weather station DIY Kit does not include a microcontroller, and this is so that you can choose the ideal MCU to cater to your specific needs. However, we recommend using a simple Arduino UNO or ESP8266 WeMos Board, as these are relatively easy to use, and are very affordable compared to many other alternatives on the market.


Complete Weather Station DIY Kit  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor

DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Environmental Sensing Support

– Wind Direction

– Wind Speed (1 Minute & 5 Minute Averages)       

– Rainfall (1 Hour & 24 Hour Periods)

– Temperature

– Humidity

– Atmospheric Pressure

  • Data Ports

– Data: 2400bps @ 1s Frequency

– TXD: 9600 bps@ 1s Frequency

  • Included Extras

– 1 x Sensor Board

– 1 x Anemometer

– 1 x Wind Vane

– 1 x Rain Bucket

– 1 x Set of Mounting Components

– 1 x Water-Resistant Electronics Enclosure

  • Safe Humidity Range

– 0% to 99%

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +80°C

  • Weight

– 4.5kg

  • Dimensions (Packaged)

– 200 x 180 x 300mm


Typical Applications for the Complete Weather Station DIY Kit:

The DIY Weather Station Kit offers an open-source style, and works alongside a range of different microcontrollers, with a particular focus on Arduino Boards like the Arduino UNO. Additionally, the Arduino compatibility also means that you could easily integrate this sensor station into a wireless network with an ESP8266 or ESP32 Board – all while enjoying the convenience of the easy-to-use Arduino IDE to upload code. These awesome features, alongside the impressive build quality for a station that needs to survive the outdoors, makes the DIY Weather Station Kit an awesome gift for anyone who loves to monitor the weather and environment around them.

Additionally, this awesome weather station could also be integrated into other projects too, such as home automation to ensure your washing never gets let out in the rain, or so that the temperature and humidity levels in your living space is always “Just Right” for you to enjoy. So, whether you simply want to enjoy more insights and information about the weather and the world around, or if you plan on using this for grander plans, it’s a great option that is both easy to build, as well as highly versatile in its functionality.


Additional Resources:

  • This is the official DFRobot Weather Station DIY Kit Wiki, where you can find further information on this kit, code examples that you can use to get started, as well as extra insights not mentioned above.


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Complete Weather Station DIY Kit - Anemometer / Wind Vane / Rain Bucket / DHT22

Complete Weather Station DIY Kit - Anemometer / Wind Vane / Rain Bucket / DHT22

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