New Official Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit - Cover Expand

Official Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit

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The official OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit is outfitted with all the goodies you could ask for to start Making with Raspberry Pi, including an aluminium case with an inbuilt fan!

This kit also features a 32GB Micro SD Card with “NOOBS” (New Out Of the Box Software) Pre-Flashed onto it for your convenience.

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We’re excited to introduce an official Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit from OKdo, a leading SBC and IoT manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi. The introduction of the ever-powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has Makers worldwide looking to get their hands on these awesome single board computers. However, although these boards have dramatically more power than previous Pi 3 boards, it is still quite daunting for some to get involved in the world of Raspberry Pi Project creation – and this is where great Raspberry Pi Starter Kits like this OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit come in.

This official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit is built from a collection of eight fundamental parts, components and peripherals that you need to get involved in Pi Making and start enjoying the impressive new power of the Raspberry Pi 4 boards. In a single box, you will find the essential hardware you need and access to an online step-by-step guide with project examples to get up and running faster. This kit includes a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB board, and is complemented by two handy Micro HDMI to HDMI Cables for dual display, as well as a specialised USB Type-C Power Supply and an aluminium enclosure with a cooling fan pre-equipped! Three heat sinks are also provided as a brilliant solution to previous thermal management problems with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

In addition to these fantastic Raspberry Pi Original Peripherals, this kit also includes a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB single-board computer, with a relatively large UHS-1 32GB SD Card installed, which comes pre-flashed with the ever-popular “NOOBS” New Out Of the Box Software. This ensures that you can get straight into the Pi-project action from the moment you get this kit, opening an endless number of different opportunities for building fun, exciting and jealousy-inducing projects that your friends will drool over when they see them.

OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit – Parts Included:

  • USB to USB-C cable with in-line switch.
  • Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case with an Integrated Cooling Fan
  • 3 x Heat sinks
  • SD Card Reader
  • Screwdriver
  • 32GB SD Card with “NOOBS” (New Out Of the Box Software) Pre-Flashed onto the Card!

 Note: If you’re looking for more information on each of the products within this kit, be sure to check out the links above to find in-depth info’ on each one.


Typical Applications for the OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit:

After building our own Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Essentials Kit, we are pleased to find this official starter kit from OKdo offers many of the same high-quality components and more! This kit includes all of the goodies that we would want most when purchasing a Raspberry Pi for the first time (or second, or third). While a range of other even more exciting Raspberry Pi Accessories and extras are available in our stock, Starter Kits like these are for anyone who is buying a Raspberry Pi for the first time and want to kick off their new hobby with punchy excitement.

If you’re looking for the perfect kit to begin your new adventures into the world of Raspberry Pi, there are few kits that can beat this official Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit from OKdo or our own DIYElectronics Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Essentials Starter Kit in terms of both value-for-money as well as Value-for-Making.


If you are keen to see this beautiful kit assembled, click below to watch this Rasberry Pi Starter Kit Unboxing YouTube video from RS Components:

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Official Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit

Official Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GB Starter Kit

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation also takes their initiative a step further by building accessories like cameras, control interfaces and other products that can be seamlessly integrated into projects, made with high quality components but without the unnecessary frills that many brands choose to add on for “extra value”. This “no frills” approach makes their products more affordable while catering to consumers throughout the world, regardless of their financial condition. In doing so, people in almost any situation can use these products to improve their lives, better the world around them, and help develop both their local communities, as well as online communities of Makers.

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